Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, Parkinson’s Disease, and Me

Recently, Robin Williams apparently chose to take his own life. The news hit me so hard that I couldn’t bring myself to write or comment about it for a while. Even had the subject not been so tender for me, I didn’t feel I had anything relevant to say.


Michael J. Fox (L) and Robin Williams (R) Photo from the Mirror, Copyright Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Now, I think I might.

Why The System Is Failing You

The title of this post is intentionally deceptive. It contains a presupposition, that being that the system is in fact failing you.


The system we are talking about could be the economy, your industry, your job, marriage, church, or fantasy sports league. All these entities are systems. But in this case I am addressing the system we think of as the economy, and specifically as it relates to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life

My wife Lynn and I were having coffee a few mornings ago, discussing the demands and stress young women face when raising kids, working, and caring for their marriage. Now, the days when we had a young child at home, and the unique challenges of that season in life, are long behind us. Our son is 27 years old.

So why were we talking about it? Lynn has developed a mentoring friendships with some of the young mothers in our church. We are both amazed by the amount of time, energy, and stress these young women shoulder. They are truly amazing, taking pn what appears to me a nearly impossible array of responsibilities.

The 7 Biggest Beginner’s Copywriting Blunders

I just finished a fairly crazy amount of travel, making appearances at conferences, being a speaker at most of them. One common theme I hear from people when I’m on the road is, “Ray, I’m just no good at copywriting. How do I get better at it?”


Pleasant surprise: the first step to getting better at writing copy is to stop being bad at it. And how do you do that? Here’s how…

Which Logo Is Best?

We are launching a new monthly service, called Monthly Marketing Templates, which supplies you with a “done for you” marketing kit every month. It’s about as close as you can get to hiring me as your marketing manager, no matter what business you are in.

A few days ago, we launched the logo design contest at 99 Designs. We’ve narrowed down the 196 designs we received to 8 finalists. If you would take 30 seconds to click here and vote for your favorite, I would really appreciate it.

First Annual Reader Survey

Your opinion is valuable – will you share about how I can help you best? Please participate in my first annual reader survey.


2013 has been a wonderful year for this blog and for the podcast. That’s because of you, and I want to give you more of what will help you most.

Please take a few minutes to complete my reader survey. All the answers are 100% confidential, and there’s no way for me to know who gave what answer.

I promise to share the overall results of the survey after it is complete.

Click Here To Take Survey

Is Christ In You?

Most Christians are at the very least familiar with Galatians 2:20, where the apostle Paul wrote, “It is not I who lives, but Christ lives in me.”


If that statement does not astound you, and trouble you at least a little, you have not properly absorbed it.

Christ, the God-man, the one who allowed himself to be killed and then simply came back to life again… lives in you.

One of the questions that has haunted me since coming to the Lord  has been: “How do I gain access to this Christ who is inside me? What does ‘Christ in me’ even mean?”

When I read the accounts of Christ’s life on earth, and I compare those accounts to my own, I realize I need to close in on the target. So how do we live out the life of Christ?

I am finding at least some of the answers in a new discipleship course which was created by my friend Frank Viola. It’s called “Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ”.

Frank has graciously made the course available with a discount, from now until October 1. Click here to get access to the course.

Additionally, Frank’s e-book, Epic Jesus, is available for free as a PDF download, and just $.99 on Kindle and Nook. There is a catch, however: you must get your copy before Monday. Click here to get the book.

I recommend getting both these resources. If you are looking for a closer walk with the Lord, I believe they will help.

How to Avoid Condemnation And Live Victoriously

As Christians, much of the suffering we endure is caused by condemnation. What is condemnation, exactly?


Under the Law, we use our willpower to force ourselves to obey in a certain way in order to earn  the good will of God.  If we don’t keep the law perfectly, God will be angry with us, and punish us.