Five Simple Ways to Get More People to Read What You Write

All writers want someone to read what we write. We may not admit this openly, we may dress up our explanations of why we write in more noble sounding language, but the bottom line is: we want to be read.

Old fashioned bald writer in glasses writing book on a vintage typewriter

In this post, I’ll give you five simple ways you can get more people to read what you write.

How to Write a Week’s Worth of Blog Posts in One Hour

It is possible to write an entire week’s worth of blog posts in just an hour. In fact, I just started my digital timer to prove the point. In this post I’m going to explain exactly how I accomplished this feat, and how you can too.


Above is a screenshot of the two tools I use most when writing my blog posts: Evernote and Scrivener. But don’t get hung up on the tools that I use to write my posts. Even though I use them for specific reasons, you could just as easily do this yourself with nothing more than Notepad or TextEditor.

Here are the steps that allow me to write an entire week’s worth of blog posts-seven in all-in about an hour…

The Stephen King Guide to Writing as a Business

Stephen King. He is the Charles Dickens of this century. People either love him or hate him. My churchgoing friends are often shocked to learn that I read his work, and admire it.


Stephen King is a writing and marketing machine, having accomplished the unusual feat of being successful as a craftsman, and as an entrepreneur.  He has sold well over 350 million books, and spawned countless movies and television shows. His latest novel-to-screen adaptation is Under The Dome. How?

The Strangest Copywriting Secret

Copywriters – those who write the words that sell products and services – are always looking for new “secrets”.

Portrait of a bald writer

We always want to know the latest techniques, the latest nuances that can give our copy that extra edge of persuasion.

How Words Create Wealth

There is a saying: little hinges swing big doors. Meaning tiny changes can make a big difference.

rusty hinges

Copywriting is persuasion in print. Simple words, chosen carefully and put in the right order, can create wealth.