Skip The Boring Parts

For some reason, I’m fixated on Elmore Leonard these days.

I think he’s one of the best writers working today, despite the fact that his subject matter can be a little rough.

One of my favorite quotes about writing comes from Leonard, who advises: “skip the boring parts.”

Just as true for marketing copy as it is for novels.

And the reason this post is only five lines long.


How Copywriting Creates Six-Figure Incomes

If you think “copywriting” (writing words that persuade people to do or buy something) is only about creating ads, you’re missing the point. Copywriting is a skill has created more six-figure incomes than you might imagine. In some cases, seven-figure incomes.

Type writer

For instance, one of my best friends generates a healthy $150,000 per month from his home-based business, and at its core, that business is fueled by my friend’s copywriting skill.

If you truly want to start your own business, or create a second income stream, one of the first things I would recommend you learn is the basic skill of powerful copywriting.

Now, this is not some “get rich quick” scheme…

Copywriters: Beat The Blank Page Blues

Do you find yourself staring at a blank page (or in more modern terms, screen)?

Stuck for how to get started writing your copy and singing the blues?

I’ve found that I get much better results if I use some “quick start tactics”.

These keep me focused, and get me started on the right track with a copy project.

Here are 3 “tricks” I use…

Empathetic Copywriting

Would you like a “formula” for powerful copywriting? Copywriting that sells your products and services?

I’d like to give you the “magic formula”  for writing web site and ad copy that sells.

Magic Copywriting Formula

I’d like to… but I have some disappointing news: there isn’t one.

“But Ray,” I hear you say, “Haven’t you yourself taught several different copywriting ‘formulas’?”



They are not “magic” and they don’t work universally.

What a formula can do is give you a basic structure on which to hang your “argument” (your logic for why someone should buy your stuff).

What the formula cannot do is: somehow magically compel people to buy something they don’t really want or need.

More importantly, what a copywriting formula can’t do is teach you the fears and aspirations of your readers, so that your persuasion power comes from the point of intersection between your audience’s needs/desires and your product’s features/benefits.

Only you, as an empathetic copywriter, can do that.