Change Your Life, Simplify Your Billing, Pimp Google Reader

girllthumbsup.jpgOdds and ends I picked up during some random holiday-weekend web surfing…

From Kottke: "Perhaps the way to true personal acheivement and happiness is through lying to yourself instead of being honest, loafing instead of practicing, and purposely forgetting information."

FreshBooks: "an online invoicing and time tracking service that saves you time and makes you look professional – Fortune 500 professional. FreshBooks is easy to use and you can try it for free."

From Ben Settle: "A couple months ago I listed a bunch of rare swipe file resources. Today I want to give you a different list. Not a swipe file list…but a list of copywriting and marketing resources that have had a HUGE impact on my business and life. These are not the “usual suspect” sites."

Lifehacker offers the means to pimp your Google Reader account.

And finally, some very important advice from Steve Miller: "My buddy, Nido Qubein, once told me the most important time to market is when you’re busy. He’s right. That way your revenue stream stays more consistent."

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3 thoughts on “Change Your Life, Simplify Your Billing, Pimp Google Reader

  1. Thanks for the tools and info, Ray! I always appreciate how you bring such things to our attention. Love how you use visuals in your blog, too–I’m going to do more of that on mine! (

    I’m not wild about that WordPress theme you mentioned, though in going to the site, I found one that might work for my own blog. So again, thanks! And–I’m going to get that 4-Hour Work Week book. Pretty compelling promise, though of course I’m skeptical…

  2. This is a great deal.
    The folks at Intuit the makers of Quickbooks has put up a link on their website to download a full version of quickbooks 2008. It is a starter version that won’t import data from previous versions, they want to get you hooked on quickbooks. Quickbooks is the accounting software used by probably 90% of all small busines. Normaly it is a $200 program.

    But, first time users can get it for free from their site.