Copywriting Cheat Sheet [Info-Graphic]

Copywriting can seem complex.

Because I’m best known for my work as a direct response copywriter, I’m often asked for tips about copywriting. I thought it might be helpful to have this info-graphic created, which serves as a one-page copywriting “cheat sheet”.

This will help make sure you don’t miss any of the important elements of a sales message when you’re writing copy. Even if you are an experienced copywriter, my guess is it may serve as a helpful refresher. I think it’ll help strengthen your copywriting.

Feel free to share this info-graphic. I’ve even supplied code (below the info graphic) to allow you to embed it on your own website!

Include this on your website:


Question: Is this info-graphic helpful? Post your comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Copywriting Cheat Sheet [Info-Graphic]

  1. Awesome stuff rayedwards .  I love the fact that this is a fresh approach to delivering content… but I still think the “guy” should have been you 😛

  2. Ray, I’m an award-winning children’s picture book author (6 published) and novelist (3 published) but I’m a struggling novice at creating direct-response marketing copy. Your chart is the most helpful tool I’ve seen in both providing the big picture and giving a holistic way to evaluate piece-by-piece the elements that make up that picture. This is invaluable! Thanks!

  3. Ray, This is a great tool to bring all the important elements of copywriting in a concise visual format. Also excellent as a reference guide for creating other content. Thank you. I will be using this method of adding value in the future. Can you tell us what you used to make it? I’m guessing you did it on your mac.
    By the way, I just wanted to tell you that was a very good webinar last night on “How to Get Paid 10 Times More”. More free super content that brought it all together for clarity and increased vision. Double Thank You!

  4. Thanks for putting this together. I might add some type of closing para…like the crossroads close. But it’s a tremendous graphic. Many thanks.

  5. Loving this Ray…your copywriting cheat sheet would make an awesome as a wall poster. The graphics are superb. Have you considered offering it as a product? You could make it “as long as long as it needs to be”!

    • That made me laugh. We did provide it in a format that is easy to print, and maintains its resolution. So you could take it to Kinko’s and also make it “as long as it needs to be”.

  6. Thanks Ray! I’ve been needing something like this. I’m inexperienced in copywriting and this is a great way to have all the tips I’m learning in one place. It will be going up in my office after I print it.
    Thanks again!