Copywriting Destroys Skepticism

Let’s assume you’re writing your own copy (maybe you can’t afford to hire a professional, or you just love writing copy for your own products).

One of your first tasks as a copywriter is to break down the skepticism that your prospects (readers, site visitors, subscribers) are feeling, and get them to believe you – even just a little bit.

Once that initial barrier of skepticism comes down, you have a chance of making a sale.

How do you break through that skepticism?


You need lots of testimonials in your copy. How many? As many as you can get.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: however many you have now, get 25% more.

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2 thoughts on “Copywriting Destroys Skepticism

  1. Overcoming skepticism starts way before the testimonials ever appear.

    It starts at the beginning of the copy.

    It starts with establishing a repertoire and developing a relationship with the reader.

    You have to first build up a level of trust before skepticism can be melted down.