Creating Wealth Is Not An Individual Sport

There is an unflattering view of entrepreneurs that is promulgated by many. You are no doubt familiar with this view.

Entrepreneurs are portrayed as selfish, greedy, money-grubbing scoundrels.

Something to think about: without entrepreneurs, who would provide the jobs that pay for the comfortable life most people enjoy in the United States?

Who creates the new industries? Who creates the new jobs? Who discovers new technologies, new systems, new processes that pave the way for a better standard of living for every human being on the planet?

Is it government officials? Is it politicians?

No. It is entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly, there are some wealthy entrepreneurs who have abused their position at the expense of others. As a group, entrepreneurs are not perfect. But as a group, it is my contention that no group has done as much to advance the physical standard of well-being of the human population that entrepreneurs have done.

The point of this line of thinking, in case it is not obvious, is that for any one entrepreneur to become wealthy, it is necessary that other people become wealthy. It is necessary that consumers benefit from the use of a new product or service, or from the better distribution of an existing product or service, in order for any entrepreneur to make money.

Everyone benefits. The customers. The employees. The vendors. Everyone.

Entrepreneurship is not an individual sport, and when played at the highest level it benefits everyone who participates. Often, it benefits even those who don’t-for instance, critics of entrepreneurs.  If it weren’t for the entrepreneurs, the critics wouldn’t be able to make a living because they wouldn’t have anyone to damn.

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2 thoughts on “Creating Wealth Is Not An Individual Sport

  1. Great point, Ray. Your thoughts remind me of a great lesson I learned while listening to Earl Nightengale in “Lead The Field.” In this audio Earl states . . .”All real success must come 'THROUGH' people, by serving others.”

    If you want to create wealth you must add value. And you add value by serving others.