Customer Selection Determines Quality of Life

This is hard for a lot of folks to swallow, but it's true anyway.

Instead of scrambling madly for any customer who will hand you money, be selective.

Determine what kind of customer you don't want to deal with, and work hard to exclude those customers from your business.

If you are brave and decide to take this step you will find:

  • You get more customers you like doing business with.
  • Your customers will spend more on each transaction
  • Your customers will come back more often.
  • You will make more money.
  • You will work less, not more.

That sounds good, yes? It's made a world of difference for me. Go thou and do likewise.

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  • True True True True TRUE!

  • If your customers are Obama supporting socialist/statis/liberal/progressive/fascists/Marxists -communists- …let them starve.

  • Yes, the key is to find the right customers. The ones that are alined with our target audience, those are the ones that will add the most value to our business. Great thoughts!