Desperate For What You Already Have

Pastor Bill Johnson recently said, “Being desperate for the things you already have access to is choosing to live in unbelief.”

There is a lot of talk in America these days about the “bad economy”.

While I don’t take anyone’s economic discomfort lightly, it seems worth noticing that even “poor” people in America are still more wealthy than approximately 95% of the population of the earth.

Yet many of us routinely talk about our lack of money, our lack of time, and our bad luck.

What is it, do you suppose, we might be failing to believe?

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4 thoughts on “Desperate For What You Already Have

  1. So funny to read this, I was just having this conversation with a friend the other day. It’s funny how a new immigrant to North America sees nothing but opportunity when people born here see nothing but closed doors.

    Part of it is the media showing us how Hollywood royalty lives. I think most people are consumed by this kind of content and expect the same for their own lives. Of course they will fall short and complain.

    Meanwhile refugees all over the world fight for minimal amounts of food in tent cities.

  2. I have found out that when we just attend to living our life without all of its complexities and the additions of all the extra’s. A person may be able to have and find that peaceful place within their life and realize that the riches in life is just our life itself. REGULATE! The Manual