Do You Make These 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Productivity?

You can regain a lot of productivity simply by avoiding the mistakes that kill it.


If you make any of these 7 mistakes, eliminate them and watch your productivity soar.

  1. Check e-mail first thing in the morning.
  2. Answer the phone every time it rings.
  3. Allow frequent interruptions by people who “just need a minute.”
  4. Start your day without a plan (without knowing the top 3 things you need to accomplish today).
  5. Say “yes” to anything without thinking through exactly what you are committing to.
  6. Not knowing with precise clarity the outcomes you want to create.
  7. Focusing on tension-relieving activities, instead of goal-achieving activities.

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15 thoughts on “Do You Make These 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Productivity?

  1. I have problems with more than one of these. I don’t know how to not check emails first thing. I check mine all the time. I will try to cut these things out. I do find that having a plan for the day is very helpful. I get so much more done with the plan. btalbot that gets me too.

    •  @fischerls  One big help: turn off the automatic function that checks e-mail at scheduled intervals. Make it so that you have to click the button to cause your software to retrieve e-mail. And if you must leave the automatic check e-mail function turned on, turn off the little  Alarm that makes a sound every time new e-mail arrives.

  2. Yes, on too many. Time to “re-evaluate my decision-making paradigm” (100 extra points for anyone who can tell me what movie THAT quote comes from)>

  3. Darn it Ray…guilty on all counts, including FB and multiple e-mail accounts. Of course, knowing this and having the discipline to change my evil ways are two vastly different things. While I do thank you for pointing out these 7 devious time and productivity killers, I realized I am leaving this comment only after reading your email directing me here!

  4. Uh oh. Do you have a hidden camera watching my day so far? 🙂

    I’m starting to feel like I’m in a self-imposed Ray Edwards boot camp! This is really good stuff. You’re requiring much more personal discipline, organization and forethought than I’m used to… and which I hereby purpose to implement.

    Thanks for helping me shape up!

  5. Yes on all counts at one time or another. I have made progress with letting the telephone go to voicemail though. Also, I am getting clearer on my goals.

  6. I’m absolutely guilty with no.1. Honestly, I am addicted to e-mail. There are even days when I don’t close it anymore, and an increase in e-mail count makes me feel excited! Yes, I can sense what you’re thinking now, “This woman is crazy!”