Does Your Copy “Show Up and Throw Up”?

grokdotcom.jpgThere's a phrased in the sales world: “show up and throw up”.

It means that as a salesperson, if you don't take time to relate to your potential customer, to get to know them and their needs…

If you just jump right in and hit them with your cheesy, canned sales presentation right off the bat…

…it's like saying “hi” by throwing up on their shoes.

Gross analogy, I know. But apt, yes?

Jeff Sexton wrote a great little piece on how to avoid this phenomena at GrokDotCom (and that site should definitely go into your RSS reader).

Check out their post on web copy that makes you sick.

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  • Cheryl Antier

    Loved the video – and found the comments that were posted just as fascinating. Ray – what do you say about using a blog to create a persona for a business blog? I’m curious about that…isn’t that being dishonest?

    Thanks as always for the food for thought…


  • That is a very good video.
    The guys that put that video together have an interesting site and blog. Their mp3 podcasts sound like a Bob and Tom radio show.