Dr. Andrew Jones Wins $25,000

u_andrew1.jpgI’m at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar in Atlanta, and I just enjoyed a very special moment as I watched Dr. Andrew Jones (my friend, client, and student) win $25,000 in the AM2.0 “Better your Best Contest”.

Not only did he win the cash, he also got a brand new laptop computer.

Andrew didn’t win by luck — it was a contest of skill. He (and the other contestants, who all were remarkable) worked feverishly over the last few months improving his online business and documenting the results. Andrew’s presentation showcasing his efforts included a video and a superhero costume. I don’t currently have any pictures, though I’m sure some will turn up. Congrats, Andrew!

You may know his incredible story of how he went from selling a few copies of an ebook to doing a full Product Launch and raking in over $44,000 in a single week. He has an incredible product for pet lovers, by the way.

If you’d like to know the whole story, I did an interview with Andrew not long ago about how he did it — and you can listen to that interview by pressing the triangular “Play” button below. It’s an inspiring tale of how a person with no past experience was able to start a whole new business online.

Ray Edwards interviews Dr. Andrew Jones

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Jones Wins $25,000

  1. It’s a problem that popped up when I installed the new them for the site. I’ll get it fixed pronto. Thanks for the alert Steve.

  2. He wanted to win that contest and was willing to take the actions and extra steps necessary to make sure it happened. It really was a contest of skill on several levels.