Email: As Addictive As Crack?

If you check your email more than 3 times per day, one of the following is true:

1. Your job is to answer email. Skip the rest of this post.

2. You are addicted to checking your email, and you let other people derail your priorities every day.

3. You WORK for someone who is addicted to checking email, this addict requires you to share their disfuntion… and you let other people derail your priorities every day.

Just saying.

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  • Pondering the Source

    Interested in how the number 3 came to be the breakpoint re: addiction level. Why not more than once, or 6 times? Is this based on any kind of actual scientific study or just an opinion?

    Just asking.

  • Very true Ray, but I do segregate my email like this….

    All my business email comes to my domain, but that’s it. Personal, business, support, my best contacts online, but I need these emails and they are very important to me.

    I send all my social notifications (Facebook etc), public email inquires, Google Buzz, all my newsletters, all my IM guru subscriptions pitching the same JV all day long (think Anik’s latest), Google Alerts and the rest to Gmail.

    One of the few things I get in my biz email is IM Newswatch to keep up with breaking IM stuff, which is how I got here this AM. Odd that.. huh?

    And I DO NOT open my Gmail until I am done with my work. But I DO read my Gmail and I only have one Google / Gmail account. My social following is important to me but they don’t get my time until Business is done.