Endless Testimonials On Autopilot

microphone.jpgThe Story: Most marketers struggle to get a large number of good testimonials they can use on their website.

The Point: A few simple steps can start an endless flow of testimonials you couldn't shut off if you tried.

The Resource: Ray's Automated Testimonial Machine

3 Ways To Get More Testimonials

1. Ask for them.
2. Set up an ATM (Automated Testimonial Machine).
3. Ask repeatedly (in your autoresponders).

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  • Ed Erickson

    This is a very nice tool Ray. Used it to give a testimonial the other day. Very easy to use.

    I’d just say, that if your going to give an audio testimonial, think it thru first. That way your really giving someone something of value that they can use!

    Great advice Ray. Thanks.

    • Ray Edwards

      Yep – thinking it through is good. In fact, I recommend:

      1. Write out your testimonial in Textpad or some other text editor. Write the way you talk. Practice reading it out loud at least once.

      2. Have a picture of yourself, JPG format, about 150 x 150 pixels readily available.

      3. Go to the Audiogenerator Super Testimonial page (like http://rayedwards.com/feedback )

      Go through the process.

      Now you can paste in your written testimonial in the text box… and on the next page when you have to call the 800 number to record it, you’ll have your “script” still available in Textpad (or whatever you use).

      This is, by the way, a great way to promote YOURSELF — giving testimonials to others.