First Get Their Attention

nosignal.jpgThe Story: If your copy can't cut through the clutter, you never be able to make the sale.

The Point: The reason the old formulae are less effective is: it's harder to get people's attention these days. Time to step up your game.

The Resource: Attention Age Doctrine

3 Keys To Grabbing Their Attention:

1. Change Their State.
2. Stop Their Inner Chatter.
3. Appeal To Their Greed, Lust, Or Moving-Away Values.

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  • Find Your Unique Voice!

    Find your own unique voice. Not the voice of what you think is expected of you. The true voice of your own inner self.

    Paradoxicly the more transparent you are, the more you will cut through the clutter from your competition.

    And the more unique you present yourself, the more you will cut through the clutter in your customers mind.

  • I wasn’t that impressed with part 1 of Schefren’s doctrine but the second part has lived up to his usual high standard.

    I’ll be interested to know how you helped in the process, however I suspect it’ may confidential.

    Gavin Allinson

    • Ray Edwards

      I’m working with Rich on the launch of his new product.

  • Ed Erickson

    Part way thru the Doctrine. I listed to his interview with Vaynerchuck however. Boy that guy has a lot of energy.

    Social media especially the networking apps have tremendous marketing power. Everybody is especially keyed up over the power of Facebook. It sure will be interesting when Google’s Social Media api really gets implemented.

    I heard the other day that Google is situated to make Microsoft look like a poorly placed lemonade stand within a couple of years.

    Jeremiah Owyang is a great guy to follow He just took a job at Forrester Research as the senior researcher on social computing. His research will be pretty valuable to watch.

  • Ed Erickson

    I’m working on Rich’s Doctrine Vol2 with his Manifesto to follow.

    In my day job, I’ve been researching the power of social media for several months. Trying to devise enhanced methods of communicating with employees.

    Jeff has it right with just being yourself. Speaking with an authentic voice wherever you might be in the various forms of social media.

    When it comes to buiding a pre-marketing presence thru social media you simply need to become noticed and talked about and linked to. This only comes thru relationships built—to reaching out and visiting and giving. That only comes from being yourself and giving freely to other bloggers and your readers—your community. Same for forums and from within Facebook, et al.

    It really seems to need a careful marketing approach. More like sharing within a friendship. Though I’ve seen plenty of people still leverage that to provide sales letters as appropriate—primarily to membership sites or mentoring programs. It’s simply the heightened level of what they have to offer. The funnel in this model starts with the free content and the trusted or appreciated point of view. It’s a friend offering more of himself in guidance.

    Pretty interesting really, the emerging power of social media sites and the avenue they have for precise permissive marketing.

  • Getting their attention is key! While in college on of the professors was talking about making our presentation impactful and not dry, as a demonstration he flipped over a tab (At the shock of everyone) and said “grab our attention.”