Free One-Page Copywriting Guide

Does giving stuff away for free — in the clear, with no email required — work as a way to get new readers, more traffic, and subscribers?

Let’s find out.

Today I’m giving away a “Mind Map” (a visual outline) that gives you an overview of the keys to writing effective copy.

Whether you’re writing email copy, a blog post, a sales page, or a sermon – the same principles apply. This mind-map is a great tool to clarify your writing and make it more persuasive. You might thing of it as a one-page copywriting course.

Click here to download the full-size, suitable-for-printing Copywriting Overview Mind Map.

No email required.

If you like this, and want me to offer up more free resources like this in the future, my request is simple: spread the word. I’ll be watching the number of “like” button submissions and re-tweets on Twitter. If it makes sense (based on response), I’ll have more “in the clear” freebies for you in the near future.

No promises – this is an experiment.

Call in your questions or comments to our new, fancy “request line” at (509) 713-2679

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12 thoughts on “Free One-Page Copywriting Guide

  1. Ray, this is awesome!

    Thank you so much for your generosity.

    The only thing I would change: put a picture of your own head in the lower right hand corner – branding yourself, instead of the other guy!

    Thanks again – this daily blog of yours is one of the only ones I keep up with anymore – keep up the good work!

    Dr. Andrew Colyer

  2. This is a neat experiment, but is it really accurate? I mean, you basically told people to use the share buttons and spread the post – and telling people almost always gets more response than not telling them, so that alone could boost your traffic & subscribers without having anything to do with the fact that you are giving something away.

    For this to be an accurate experiment, shouldn't you have just given it away to see if the sharing automatically increased as that would give you a better estimate of what would happen in the future?

    I like the fact that you're giving away cool stuff for free & without an optin required and it's pretty cool if you ask me, but I just think your experiment isn't really going to give you accurate results for determining how it will work for you in the future.


  3. Unless I am missing something, I am not able to copy and print a full sized copy of this. To bad, I would like to be able to do so.

  4. Hey, Ray!

    Nice new music! (As you may or may not know, one of my degrees is in classical piano performance – I have a direct teaching lineage back to Beethoven.)

    I already printed this Copywriting Mind Map, “Facebooked” it, “Twittered” it, and sent the link to this page out to about 10 other people.

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing this!

    Dr. Andrew Colyer

    P.S. Who did the drawing? I expected the “head” to look a little more like you!