Free PDF Report: “An Obvious Truth”

obvious_cover.gifMy friend (and mentor) Armand Morin has just released a gem of a report.

It’s called “An Obvious Truth”.

I actually read the first draft of this a few weeks ago, and I have been itching to be able to tell you about it. Now, I can actually give you a copy… and you don’t have to “opt in” to get it.

Just click the link to download “An Obvious Truth”.

I think Armand lays a few things out in the open that others are afraid to talk about. What do you think? Post your comments below (after reading the report, of course).

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4 thoughts on “Free PDF Report: “An Obvious Truth”

  1. “An Obvious Truth” is an excellent descriptive summary of the IM landscape.

    However, one thing conspicuously absent is the influence of social networking sites. Youtube and Myspace both get more page views than Google with Facebook close behind. Not to mention all the social bookmarking sites.

    All in all, I liked the book. I particularly enjoyed the page header with navigation links and the 8.5″x7″ format. Each scroll detent of my mouse wheel was another page down. It made an enjoyable read.

    The whole concept of a rebrandable viral book works.

    • If you spend some time watching the videos Armand made, he teaches about Social Marketing.

      In the IME course, he really breaks it down to the granular level.

      I bet Armand has more experience with this than many people who are touted as “experts” in the field; while a lot of people have tried to get known as the expert in Social Marketing, Armand has been actually making money with it.