Google Helps Start Your Online Business: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#12)

I hear from so many people who feel overwhelmed by the complexity of starting an online business.

There are only a few simple things you need to get started making money with your own internet-based business.

It’s not complicated, really.

Let me break it down for you. I’ll tell you the basic items you need, and Google can tell you the rest (just search for information on the areas where your knowledge is weak or incomplete). Here’s what you need:

1. A Product. Obviously, you need something to sell. This could be software, or items you sell on eBay, or a service, or an information product. People get hung up on how to come up with a product — and the truth is that products are the easiest thing in the world to get. It’s taking action that’s tough.

2. A Domain Name. This seems obvious, but you need a name for your business. You can get one at

3. A Web Page. I say “page” instead of “site” because a “site” seems complicated. A “page” seems easy, doesn’t it? You can get one through

4. Web Page Software. You need to build a page with content on it. You can do it yourself with free software from, or you can use a paid product like Dreamweaver (which is available at If you don’t want to do it you can get a designer at

5. Graphics. You need a logo and a “look and feel” for your products or services. Again, you can use free software (like that at or you can buy something like Photoshop (at Or you can get someone to do it for you at

6. Autoresponder Account. This is an account that allows you to build a mailing list so that you can mail to your customers or prospects. It can also do this for you on an automated sequential basis, so once someone signs up they get an email from you on a regular basis (automatically). The service I use and recommend is

7. Shopping Cart Software. You need to be able to take payments somehow, right? My advice is to get a nice, proven, all-in-one solution. I use

Now, each of these are somewhat complex discussions that we could probably spend a one-hour teleseminar talking about each of them. Do a quick search on Google – there are plenty of online resources that will teach you more about each of these subjects.

You now know the basic building blocks needed to build your online business.

Can you spend years learning to master it all? Yes. But is it simple enough to get the basics in just a few minutes (as you just did)? Yes.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Just remember these basics, figure out which pieces you already have… and figure out what the next logical step might be. Then just do it!

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6 thoughts on “Google Helps Start Your Online Business: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#12)

  1. I have no problem taking action Ray. My problem is I take too many all at once and get burned out or overwhelmed!

    Thanks for laying out starting an online business in such simple steps.

    Because of Ross Goldberg's Internet Masters seminar (an eye-opening, empowering, inspiring experience!!), I've taken a lot of these steps and have now found you. Thank God!

    You happened to be the last speaker that I listend too, and I wish you were the first. YOU ARE AWESOME. They all were, but you are SUPER AWESOME. =D

    You'll be hearing more from me, God willing! In the meantime, Happy New Year! =D