Grow An A+ Marketing Brain

Here's a foolproof method to get yourself an A+ marketing brain, without having to pay for an expensive education.

Finish at least one good marketing book every week.

If you're not currently an avid reader, this might seem like a big deal. It's really not very difficult. Many marketing books are short, to begin with. And nobody said you have to read words printed on the page-audio books count. Most audio players have an option to speed up the audio-meaning you can often finish a book in half the time it might normally take.

If you read one good marketing book per week, you will have read 52 of them at the end of the year. How many of your peers do you think do that? How many of your competitors? Exactly. A+.

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  • Last month I heard a VP of Non-Fiction for a major publishing house talk about how few copies most books sold – he said for his company, a title that sells 30K is a terrific seller. Of course, we hear about a title that sells a million, but he said that fewer than 100 titles sell 100K annually.

    And then there’s that 2007 AP study that found in 2006 27% of Americans had not read a single book (73% had). Here was the breakdown of the number of books read by that 27% who said they had read a book: 1 to 5 books 41%, 6 to 15 books 31% and more than 15 books 27%. So that means 27% of 27% read more than 1 book a month. I seriously doubt if those numbers have increased…I’d venture to guess they’ve gone down, not up.

    We’ve always heard that proverbial 3 book rule: “If you read 3 books on a single topic you’ll be an expert.” Imagine the rarefied air you’d be breathing if you read a book a week – on ANY topic? Good advice, Ray.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    Any recommendations you’d like to make?

  • Bryan

    Interesting thought. So, any tips on the first couple to start with and, any tips on some to avoid? 52 seems like a lot, but then even a quick view of my local library shelf reveals about that many, and I have to say that a fair few at first glance appear less valuable than others – or perhaps that is the point? if you read enough (ie, one a week), it won’t matter if a few are duds??

  • I just had to say, i LOVE your blog. thank you for the honest, easy to understand and “right” target advice.

    • Thanks Sandy – I appreciate those words!