Guarantees Increase Sales

The Question: Do I really need a guarantee on my website?

The Answer: Yes. This is the only way to remove the biggest objection your prospects have to buying from you.

Three Things To Consider When Creating Your Guarantee:

1. The length of the guarantee (the longer you can make it, the more credible your offer).

2. How you word your guarantee matters. If you can denominate your guarantee in a fresh way, it will be more effective.

3. Check with your merchant provider about the length of guarantee you're allowed to offer!

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Should You Have A Guarantee

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  • Bill Barlow, BS/JD

    Speaking of guarantees:
    I'm Dr. Barlow, and I developed a system in the 80's to sell my own real estate and finance materials. I used government securities in lieu a of typical money refund guarantee and it was a hit. My customers got my materials AND all their money back from the government. I got paid, increased my profits without one return ever.

  • Ray, I am an old writer, but new to the Copy Writing arena. I have to follow a man who states in his Bio that he is a Christ-follower.

    Bob Diamond R.Ph
    Another Christ-follower