“He Just Thought It Up And Did It”

You don't need permission to succeed. You don't need someone to say you're worthy. You just need to grab hold of your idea, wrestle it into submission, and then go out there and do it.


It's the doing it part that gets people hung up. Most of the time, it's easier to talk about the project you're “working on” than it is to actually do the work.

My friend Jeff asked me recently why I went through the hassle of hosting a seminar of my own. I've been thinking about that question.

I have lots of great-sounding reasons, but the truth is… it just seemed like a good idea, and I wanted to do it.

In the movie Apocalypse Now, the film's narrator explains the extraordinary success of the iconic Colonel Kurtz this way: “He received no official clearance. He just thought it up and did it.”

If you feel that you do need permission, here it is (along with instructions): whatever it is that's burning inside of you, go ahead, think it up and do it.


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  • I love this. It is so true. So many of us are waiting for permission. As you mentioned, we need to just take it.

  • William McPeck

    It is all about action. Yet for most, inaction is the word of the day. That is why Nike’s tag line is so powerful.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Seth Godin says this a lot: don’t wait to be chosen. Choose yourself.