5 Steps To Hear The Voice Of God For Your Business

If you could actually receive guidance from God for your business, would it make a difference? And I don't mean only reading the Bible or a devotional, and getting some good principles for being moral and upright business people. What I mean is hearing God's voice guide you with specific advice, about your specific situation, problems, and opportunities.

It is possible, and rather than try to convince you with a theological argument, I'd like to propose you simply try it, and see for yourself what happens. Here are 5 steps to help you hear the voice of God for your business. The 5 steps are…

  1. Invitation. It sounds simple, but I think it is often overlooked. God has granted us each the inspiring, dizzying, and a somewhat terrifying ability to accept or refuse His gifts. If we don’t invite Him into our affairs, including our business, He’s not going to force His way in. So we begin with an invitation.In the book of James, we are promised that if any of us lack wisdom, all we have to do is ask God and He will grant it. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you make this invitation. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or ceremonial.You could start by having a quiet moment before your workday begins, and praying something simple: “Lord, I invite you into my business today. Give me ideas, insights, and awareness to make the right decisions and to say the right thing in every situation that I face today.”
  2. Communication.  If I invite you to a party, and you show up but I never talk to you, and I never listen to you, how much communication takes place? Right. Zero. So it’s not enough just to invite God into your business. He will be faithful to show up, but you need to treat Him like you would an honored guest at a dinner party. Pay attention to Him. Listen to what He has to say. Ask Him questions. Communication is a two-way street. I believe God desires a dialogue with us, not a monologue (on either side.) So have a conversation!
  3. Cooperation.  So you have invited God into your business. You have been in communication with Him, learning to hear His voice, and becoming sensitive to what He is saying to you. The next step is cooperating with Him. Because here’s the thing: He is going to have opinions about what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do, in your business. He is going to have ideas and suggestions for you.Sometimes they may just “pop into your mind”, and you might wonder if they are your thoughts or His? Learning to discern the difference is part of the communication step. But the only way you’ll ever learn is to try cooperating with what God is saying to you. Sometimes, you may mistake your own voice for His (trust me this does happen.) But over time, as you cooperate with the voice of God, you will become more and more familiar with it. And it is only through cooperation that you can move to the next step – implementation.
  4. Implementation.  While I think of cooperation as a form of agreement, a way of saying, “Yes, God, that is a good idea. We should definitely think about doing that.” There is a step beyond mere cooperation or agreement: this is the step of implementation. I fully believe that God blesses us far beyond what we can ask, imagine, or even deserve. I believe that he is interested in every detail of our lives. I believe that he swings deals are way, that he gives us ideas that will make our business profitable, and that he influences people to do business with us when it’s in the best interest of both parties.At the same time, working with God, and having God with us at work, does not mean that we are completely passive. Bill Johnson has said, “Jesus didn’t accomplish everything so that you could accomplish nothing.” I think that’s right, and I would take it one step further, and say that Jesus accomplished everything so that you could accomplish anything… in His name. What this means is we have to actually implement the ideas, strategies, and tactics God gives to us.If you’re a farmer, for instance, God might give you a plan for a new crop rotation schedule that could cause your land to yield better harvests. But if you never get up and plow the fields, tend the crops, and bring in the harvest, you’ll never reap the reward. Which brings us to…
  5. Manifestation.  This is the step we all would like to jump to. We would like to start with manifestation. It’s the whole idea of that New Age book and movie “The Secret” : that thinking will make it so. For instance, this thinking goes, if I just sit and visualize a brand-new Mercedes long enough and hard enough, it will just “show up” in my driveway. You and I both know that is nonsense.Now there is nothing wrong with you wanting or owning a Mercedes. There is nothing wrong with you building the wealth to be able to afford one. In fact, doing so blesses the people who created the car, those who manufactured it, those who delivered it, sold it, detailed it, and who service it. And all the myriads of people in between. As long as you don’t worship the thing, and as long as you understand that success is about more than piling up earthly riches, I believe you’re free to enjoy the rewards of your labor.It’s been said that if you “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness” that everything else will be added to you. This doesn’t mean that if you decide the thing you want most in life is a Rolex, you should seek God’s Kingdom in order to get it. It does mean that if your desire for a Rolex is not motivated by greed, or the idolatrous worship of money, that God certainly has no problem with you owning a nice watch. If you seek first His Kingdom, and that’s all you seek, you will get your heart's desire-because you will never desire anything that is outside the Kingdom.

Please understand these 5 steps are not some kind of magic formula.

They are rather a description of the natural process that happens when we are in deep relationship with someone we love. When we are in love, we invite our loved one into our life, we communicate deeply with them, we cooperate with their desires because we want them to be happy, we implement the plans that we cook up together, and we enjoy the manifestation of our joined hearts desires.

That, my friends, is how you invite God into your business. That is how you see tangible results and God-given answers to your questions and concerns.

I challenge you to simply take the 5 steps, and then watch for the results.

Question: Do you have a story of how God has helped you in business or in your job? Please share it below!

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Such a timely read, Ray. I have been thinking about this since I returned from the breakthrough. Just this morning I told the Lord … my business is yours. I want it to serve who you want it to serve, reach who you want it to reach, and be what you want it to be.

    Since returning, I landed another new client and am about to teach a 4 series teleclass for Christian leaders on marketing their coaching practice, starting next week. I have continued to “cast bread on the waters” and send my magic emails for 30 minutes a day. Good stuff is happening!

    • You are an inspiration to ME, Mike. God has great things in store for you!

  • Great post Ray 🙂 I spend time worshiping and asking God into my business each day. Since I’m a new creative entrepreneur – creating my 1st online class “How to Uncover the Real You & Find Your Unique Voice” and only a year into blogging and podcasting, I want to have guidance for each step along the way. God has given me a few visions/pictures of this class and the next class to create(8 Character Traits that Attract People to You) so in that way I feel like I’m on the right track. I just want to keep my ears tuned in and keep learning from awesome mentors like you ! Thanks Ray – great post!

    • Lorna than you so much for your kind words. Peace to your house!

  • Jevonnah Ellison

    An excellent post. Thank you for taking a stand, Ray. Everything I do for my business and with my business is built on the foundation of honoring God first. That’s why He gave me the idea to create Professional Women of Integrity – a community of savvy businesswomen who are committed to honoring God in their business and lifestyle. To date, there are over 3,500 women in this group and I am so excited about what is getting ready to happen in 2015. Phil 1:9 is the theme scripture for my business and I often refer to Jeremiah 29:11 as well. “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you, shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

  • Cheri-CreationScience4Kids

    How’d you know God enjoys helping us like this? I thought it was a secret! 😉
    The biggest thing for me is remembering to invite Him in at the beginning! After that it’s a joy to follow.
    PS You might want to add the ‘d’ to mind. I had a puzzle figuring out what “pop into you min” meant. 😀

    • Cheri,

      Thanks – and I corrected the typo, too!

      • Cheri-CreationScience4Kids

        Checked back in and realized I’d missed the question! I’ve got a book manuscript sitting on my computer making me cry with longing to get it’s message out to kids before they turn their backs on Jesus like Einstein did. But my time to attract an audience has been shrinking even as I get smarter about marketing thanks to you and others MH has recommended.
        At the moment a reputable publisher is looking my book over, but if that fell through it felt scary trying to get more than 100 copies sold. This evening I heard from a contact that his group will be happy to put me in touch with dozens of speakers, museums, and other groups reaching my target audience. God is showing me in advance that it’s all OK and in His timing (this would have happened a year ago except I got to have a baby first!)
        Stay bold

  • I had a house painting business for about about 7 years while I was going to seminary and I always felt that God helped me by giving me patience to deal with difficult clients. Instead of getting frustrated I’d ask God for help and he did help. After awhile I got know for the fact that I could please anyone (well almost anyone!) That reputation meant I never had to look far for customers, they came to me!

    • Caleb that is an awesome story and a great example. Thank you!

  • Ray…I enjoyed your post. I was in the job world for years while dreaming of my own business. I was never completely satisfied with a job so always kept my options open. The thing is, I was always prepared for the next “thing” that came along because of what I learned in the current my most recent position. I know beyond any doubt that God led me to each new adventure for his purpose AND with his preparation. Now he has me here and ready for outrageous success.
    William S

    • That’s very exciting Bill – thanks so much for sharing!

  • Ricky

    I used to market dental plans and on the way to church I asked God where to put out flyers. He showed me when I drove by. The next day I went out and put out 70 flyers in that neighborhood and got 4 clients. The calls were coming in before I could get back home.

    • Hah! Now that’s VERY practical advice, indeed!

    • That’s cool Ricky. It reminds me of when Jesus told the fisherman where to drop the nets. They thought he was crazy but they did it anyway. The results were a boat that almost sunk because of the bountiful haul. God really is for us in very practical matters.

  • Paul D. Johnson

    By my hearing God’s voice, I was guided to bring a collecting of my writings (including some on the very subject of hearing God’s voice) together into a usable model for others and to a place where I discovered your great Rapid Writing Method online course which I am going through right now. Your excellent course is allowing me to finally get all these inspirations on track with a doable methodology in which I am confident will soon lead to a marketable production I can launch from as a platform for many spinoff projects. Thank you so much, Ray. Blessings. pdj

  • What’s cool Ray is the 5 steps you outlined are the same 5 steps that bear fruit in ANY relationship. Truly what happens in heaven can happen on earth if we so desire it. Thanks for the clarity of your thoughts and your writing. This one is a keeper. /Dan

    • You’re absolutely right, Dan. I only realized that after I wrote the initial draft of this post. Thanks for recognizing it, and for taking the time to comment.

    • So well said, Dan.

  • Edwin Soler

    There simply is not enough space here to write about how good God has been to me. I’m in the process of some sort of transformation that I cannot explain yet. Once I can explain it, I will inform you about it. By the way I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PODCAST AND SITE! Thanks for everything!

  • penwright1029

    I just happened to end up on Yahoo when I saw I had new emails. I was just about to delete all of yours when I saw your title, Hear the Voice of God for Your Business, which was my very first email. I came to this site thinking to find something I would not like and found, instead, concrete, truthful advice for businesses. I believe, now, God directed me to Yahoo, even though I hardly ever use it anymore. When I was, what was called a WOW Ambassador for Christian evangelism, we were only allowed to work part time. I started a cleaning service as I had before. When I started out, God told me to walk down the road. On my venture, I came across a flea market, talked to the owners and got a contract cleaning Monday mornings. After we moved, I prayed and was directed to go to an office, got that contract, which gave me the opportunity to also clean his family’s home. Then I went to a neighborhood with the full knowledge that I would have clients. I got two within a short period of time, right next door to each other. I never went without work the whole year, even though I got off track with a regular job. I lost my office contract. No others. It was a great year of learning to trust God for everything in my life. I’m retired now. If I start another one, I will follow your instructions. But, for now, I will be re-building my Yahoo web site, Rock Solid Solutions, for local Mom and Pop stores and nation wide on-line businesses, who want to advertise for free. I will also use these for my Facebook page where I am considering selling my own items. Thank you, Ray.

    • Thank YOU – I’m glad you didn’t delete me! 🙂

    • Celestina

      I was a WOW Ambassador too – a powerful year of seeing God’s constant provision and grace. The greatest learning was that all work is honorable, that my identification is not with my work but in Christ. These principles are spot-on, and I would add the underlying theme that there are God’s purposes to be accomplished which require money – which needs to be earned so it can be shared. So He wants to bless us with financial abundance as we partner with Him in accomplishing His purposes. I’m still clarifying my ‘business’ idea and am encouraged by other’s successes to keep seeking and learning.

  • Andy that is awesome!

    • It’s amazing what our Heavenly Father will do when you invite Him into your life — business or otherwise. 🙂

  • This rocks, Andy!

  • Ray – As always, your explanation is incredibly clear. And this always seems like such a complex process to me. Thanks for laying it out so that even I can understand this 🙂 Be blessed – even more… 🙂

  • Yvette

    I found your site by accident (or guidance). wasn’t going to reply because some of the info is over 4 years old, but this one has given me the chance to do the right thing and thank you for speaking from the heart and sharing what God’s given you. I’m coming out with my business. These 5 steps are what I will be following, because I hear Him speak and think it’s just me and in my own head. Thank God for people like you that keep it plain. I have gained so much from you and the comments from others. Thank you all. Look out for me I’m on my way. Everything my sound jumbled, is it any no wonder, I have been reading your posts all afternoon.

  • Such a well-written post. Thank you for your wisdom Ray!

  • Thank you for the encouragement. Today was a day of great struggle and I wondered whether I was talking to myself, or hearing the Lord. I am definitely encouraged to press in and move forward with Him. Amen.

  • Daniel Sarpong

    God richly bless you for his word. I’m really challenged.

  • I enjoyed your commentary about The 5 Steps to hear the voice of God in your Business. Your so right, and it’s nice ,ever so nice, to know that there are other people out there, who talk to God about their business. Especially with all the hype talk about emails, optimizations and roi’s. That’s all I’ve heard since I started this quest in marketing. Money, money , make money. But no one, not one of them has presented themselves with a shred of concern about how they’ve been so fortunate. I made this much, Look how much I made just this week, now I’m not telling you this to bragg, but…. And on and on, yet what they haven’t realized is that they were only part of the equation. If God hadn’t stepped in and given them that bit of luck, They’d be no better off than I am. So not to be lengthy, which I’m kinda late on that 🙂 It’s good to know that there are some promoters out there who realize that without the Good Lord they’d have no success story and that’s all I’ve got to say. I’ll climb down off my soapbox now. I’m really a Retired Nurse of 38 yr.’s with a Military background, who just got bored and saw an ad by Jimmy Kim about Building a List, and the story about the money was there. All I had to do was build a list. Well It’s not so easy to build that list. But I’m still talking to the Father, because he put this on my heart to do , and I feel there must have been a reason. Presently I’m just studying everything I can get my hands on to learn marketing. But I’m not really a marketer, I’m a Nurse, Medicine has always been in my blood. From the time I was a child. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor , I always loved science, it was my best subject. But now I’m learning a new trade, so I’ll just keep learning till I’m good at it too.

  • Several years ago with God’s direction and guidance, I built a successful training and and consulting business. God had his and in that business. It grew and prospered. Thanks for reminding me from whence my thoughts and ideas cometh.

  • Ray, I follow your blog posts.

    It’s refreshing that in this day and age, you are a champion of God, helping others realize that He is real, true and very relevant.

    Hearing God’s voice in business for me begins with a serious period of fasting.

    Whether it’s three, seven or 21 days, it really depends on the request I put before Him. Fasting helps me humble myself before God, silence all voices screaming for my attention (including my own), and getting rid of any iniquity or sin that may prevent Him from speaking to me in the first place.

    I used to hurriedly just enter into prayer and expect Him to speak to me. When He didn’t (or so I thought…) I would get upset and wonder why He wasn’t interested. And then, I would embark on starting a business venture that would eventually stagnate and leave me with more questions than answers.

    Once I changed my approach, and began searching for Him through fasting and dedicated prayer, it’s been easier to sense His leading in every venture. Some of the ventures I thought were such great ideas now shrivel in the light of His wisdom and insight, while some of the ideas I had brushed off have been the ones to bring the most fruit.