How Do I Get Started Selling Online?

The Question: How do I cut through the clutter and confusion… and just get started selling my stuff online?

The Answer: Simplify and use the Marketing Funnel to get started.

5-Step Plan For Building Your Marketing Funnel:

1. Start building an email list.
2. Get attention by giving away free content.
3. Offer entry-level products so customers can experience doing business with you.
4. Sell higher priced products.
5. Sell continuity or subscription products.

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  • Good list.

    Oftentimes, #2, #3 and #5 will be combined.

    Also, even though I’ve built the list first, some would say it’s better to create the product first and test it to see if it’s viable… then build the list.

    Anyway, just some random thoughts.

  • Ray, I like this list …. the key is no. 1 and the one I didn’t realize how valuable it was until I started iThemes.

    And of course your input re: no. 2 for our business helped me release our free theme tutorials which has driven a TON of traffic to our site, and consequently sales too.

  • I have never made made an email list. Think it should help to achieve more success in selling online. Thanks, Ray!!