How To Beat The Economy

Whether you think the economy is killing your business or you think the economy is supporting your business, you’re right.


The destiny of your business is, with very rare exception, not determined by the economy.

So what determines the destiny of your business?

Your beliefs about the destiny of your businesss.

Think with me.

Your beliefs are nothing more (or less) than a feeling of certainty about a particular thing.

Whatever you are certain about, you act on.

What you act on determines your outcome.

To change the outcomes you are experiencing (in business or anything else), change your beliefs.

At the very least, examine them carefully.

If your beliefs are not supporting you… why would you cling to them?

You beat the economy by not believing you are its victim.

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4 thoughts on “How To Beat The Economy

    Whether you think you can or you can’t… you’re right. 
    I’ve been pondering getting into a new business venture.  But I keep coming back to this dreaded thought “but what if the economy goes to the crapper?” 
    Then I’d have all my capital tied up in unproductive assets… and I’d lose my shirt.
    That’s my stinking thinking, anyway. 
    Sometimes I think instead of fighting against bad economies for a particular business, it’s time to shelf the idea and come up with a new one that WILL work in a bad economy.  
    Guess I’m more of the belief that I can’t change the economy.  Some business is well suited for particular economies, and some aren’t.  I’m not going to change the law of economics.  But I can choose a business or proposition to my customers that is attractive in a bad economy. 
    That’s why, personally, I don’t think it’s wise to tie up tons of capital in a business.  If the economy turns on a dime, you are SOL.  But if you have a low capital business – like info marketing – you can quickly change gears to take advantage of the changing times. 

  2. What you say, you believe.  Words come out of your mouth and right into your ears. You hear it and if you hear it enough, you believe it.  If you talk about how bad the enonomy is all the time, you may begin to believe it.
    On top of that, my pastor says we watch too much CNN – Continually Negative News!
    We need to think positive and talk positive.  Sure, there will be bad times but you don’t have to talk about it all the time!