How to Become More Valued

Add more value first.

It really is that simple; everything else is little more than wishful thinking at best, and manipulation at worst.

A good question to start asking continuously: “How can I add more value right now?”

Key words: “right now”.

Not tomorrow.

Not someday.

Right now.

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4 thoughts on “How to Become More Valued

  1. Jeezzz Ray, you've got to come with something better. It's like saying to an aspiring high jumper “for you to jump higher, just jump” well…thanks, coach.

  2. This is spot-on.

    So many of us are looking at the equation backwards. If we focus on being valued, or getting people to value us, or why they don't currently value us, we'll miss out.

    But the moment we make the decision to become more valuable, things start to change.

    The graphic above (stacks of coins) is perfect. Why do we value a quarter more than a penny? Because it is actually worth more.

    Stop settling for “penny status” in whatever you're doing and whining about being undervalued. Choose to be a nickel! While you're at it, why not aim to be a 1794 silver dollar (currently valued at $2.1 million)?