How to Control Your Attitude

Another way of thinking of your “attitude” is: how you approach things. In other words, the emotional state you are experiencing at any given moment.

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The state from which you approach any situation determines what sort of resources you will bring to that situation. Your attitude determines your outcome.

There are three key ways to immediately take control of your emotional state:

  1. What your attention is on. We are drawn toward what we pay attention to.
  2. What you do with your body. Sitting slumped over in a chair, with your head in your hands, tends to elicit one state. Going for a jog elicits a different state. Which do you suppose is more empowering?
  3. What you say. To borrow a phrase from Earl Nightingale, we become what we speak about all day long. What have you been speaking about lately?

Bonus point: if you are a believer it's worth noting that there is one activity that engages all three of these attitude triggers. Worship.

Question: what do you do to take control of your attitude?

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  • I found that stopping for a moment to recognize and then name my emotions is, for me, a HUGE step forward in attitude control. I learned this while sailing a 32′ boat from Honolulu to Santa Cruz under less than, um… shall we say “ideal conditions.”
    Mindfulness and presence allow me to control my attitude rather than being controlled by it.

  • Johnny Lee Phillips

    Hi Ray! I could answer your question in so many ways. But one of the ways that I control my attitude is how I interact with others. My old nature was always quick to judge others, which often lead to a bad attitude. But now, I try to think the best of everyone and to not judge because I don’t know what’s behind the curtain. Nor do I necessarily need to know. I hope this makes sense……

  • Frank

    I am personally still in the process of figuring out the answer to this. My biggest thing now is to remove myself from the situation that is causing the issues.