How to Get Free… Today!

Today, I am practicing a “free” day. What, exactly, is a “free” day? This is a concept I first learned from Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach. A “free day” is a day where you simply unplug from everything related to work.

On a free day, I take no business calls, read no business e-mails, no e-zines, no magazines, no business books, no business voicemails — nothing to do with business at all. That also means no Twitter, no Facebook, and even no Google+.

This, for me, is harder than it might seem, but it is also invaluable. Unplugging from the stream of constant demands for my attention allows my brain to do something valuable… it allows my brain to relax. To renew. To re-create.

I have found that when I engage in my practice of having a “free day” once a week, I end up being more creative, more resourceful, and more filled with energy the rest of the week.

While I do credit Dan Sullivan with coining the term “free day”, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that God instituted “free days” a long time ago. He called them “SabbathS”.

Give yourself the gift of a “free day” this week. You will be changed as a result.

P.S. – You may wonder how I am posting this article on a “free day”. Don’t I practice what I preach? Yes, I do! The answer is, I wrote this post on a non-free day, and set it to automatically post while I was away. See you tomorrow… when I get back.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Free… Today!

  1. Dan Sullivan is a client from years my biz partner Dr. Louis Cady is part of Strategic Coach..nice to see some of fav guys hanging out in such esteemed circles….Nice to say hi Ray!