How To Ship Multi-Disk Products Using Kunaki

For a long time, I have been recommending a service called Kunaki to my students and colleagues.

Kunaki allows you to create DVDs and CDs on demand. Kunaki creates the physical product, shrink wraps it, and ships it to your customer. For about one dollar.

This is a very professional looking CD or DVD. Full-color artwork, full-color disc artwork, and even an insert for the case.

The problem was, until now, it was not possible to ship a multi disc course or product.

For instance, if you had a 10 DVD home study course, you had to order the 10 disks yourself and then repackage and reship them to your customer.

No more.

My friend Robert Plank made a video showing me how to do this. This is a simple, easy, and cheap way to use Kunaki to make very impressive, professional-looking homestudy courses and disk sets. I'm sharing the video with you.

By the Way, Robert also sells a WordPress plug-in called WPKunaki that integrates Kunaki with your WordPress website. Pretty slick.

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  • I really need to check this out. I am developing a plan for a multi-part nurse education program. The WP plug-in is a great bonus. I’m also trying to figure out how to market the program on amazon and eBay.

    Thanks for all you do, Ray! Love the podcast,