How To Use Video To Sell

Here’s one very effective use of video to sell online. The bar has been raised.


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7 thoughts on “How To Use Video To Sell

  1. No, I really don’t know who wrote it. But I think its brilliant (although it misses a couple of key opportunities, such as actually giving you the 7 “gotchas” and/or making a call to action… I bet they could get a lot of opt-ins if they just asked for them).

  2. Wow – that is powerful! So good to see something funny and original and actually effective. They say that they give the 7 gotcha on their web site so I checked their web site – very good site, you can even dredd the naked guy there. They also have opt-in on every page but I couldn’t find those “7 gotcha” – so it is lame that they are not maximizing their opportunity…

    On the other hand I live in Florida, so I am defintely not their prospective client..


    Notice the humor was secondary… he could have left his close on and it still would have been a great sales bit.

    The humor totally supports it — unlike far too many Super Bowl ads.

    Ray, this is a gem. I’m really glad you shared it.

    You know — it fits perfectly with my USP Formula ideas… notice the “We Show You Everything.”

    I predict this will (in his own local market, and perhaps elsewhere) become as powerful as (maybe more) “Pick Enterprise, we’ll pick you up.”

    These guys deserve an award…

    NOW: I agree with you…

    They blew it on CTA!!!

  4. oops – should have proofed my own post.

    Left his “Clothes on…”

    alas… I made my 1st mistake for 2007. 🙂

    you know – perhaps that was a subconscious error…

    “He left is close on.” – as in close the sale.

    ahem… I’m brilliant even when I falter.