“I Dreamed a Dream” – The Amazing Susan Boyle

It had been a long day on the road, and last night I was wiped out. Tired. Exhausted.

So I was not thrilled when my wife called to me from our home office saying I just had to come watch this video on YouTube.

Yet, a few minutes later, I was watching it with tears in my eyes.

I decided I would write a post about the video today, only to find my colleague Clayton Makepeace beat me to the punch. Read Clayton Makepeace's post on Susan Boyle here.

And watch the video for yourself by clicking here.

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  • Thanks a lot for making me cry, Ray! 😉


    Just wow.


    • Well, you know how I love to make you cry Ryan!

  • Even though Clayton might have written the post first then your post made me aware of this incredible performance and for that I thank you deeply.

  • This video proves that it is never too late or too 'out of the question' to pursue your dream.