If Time Is Wealth

How do you spend your time?

Is it the highest and best use of your wealth/time?

If not, why are you doing that?

At some point you will realize that only one person decides what you do with your time. Stop by a mirror and say hello to that powerful person.

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  • It took me to be 52 years old to realize and understand the meaning of that question. As a wife, mom and daughter of someone, my time was and has never been my own. Now I have learned to say NO to requests that take me away from what I want to do with my time! It is one of my stressbusters!
    Sunita Pandit

  • Anonymous

    Great message Ray.

    For some reason when I’m working I wish I was spending my time doing leisure activities. When I am in my leisure time, I think about working.

    I know that I control my time, but sometimes I feel like time controls me.

  • Vernon LuxA

    Hello Ray, that is something I have battled with all my life and now as 65 years old is drawing near I realise I must do something to change the status quo before I run out of time. I think, had I used my time constructively in the past I would not be writing to you now. But I have come to this conclusion, it is not to late. I may have 5 or at best I suppose 10 years left to make up for what I did not do over the past 44 years, assuming I only started at 20 years old. When I look back I can kick myself when I think of all the time I have waisted. But to change that mind set and to get focussed is another story, one I am going to beat one way or another. I think you may have some of the answers.

    Kind regards,

    Vernon Lucas