Instant Video Cure For Self-Pity

When I watched this I cried. Not out of pity for Nick. He doesn't need my pity — and he has my admiration.

No, I cried because I realized just how often in the past I had wasted the gifts that God gave me, and decided instead to buy into lies about what is possible in life, lies about what it takes to be happy, lies about who I am, and even worse… I bought into lies about who God is.

When I had my cry, I wiped my eyes, and I “got up”. How about you? Will you “get up”?

Here's the video:

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  • Thanks for the video Ray. It is really very inspirational.

  • This video is really effective. It inspired me real good. Thanks for the video.

  • Wow, that was amazing to see Nick share with students from all over…

    …but its so sad how true that we that are “normal” take our day-to-day abilities like having fingers to button a shirt, to hold one of my boys in my arms to carry them off to bed, and forgetting the bigger picture in life and everything that God has blessed us with already!

    Amen brother Nick!

    Thanks for sharing this Ray, greatly appreciated.

    Many Blessings,

  • Wow Ray… I'm speechless. This instantly puts everything into perspective.

  • suescott

    I am sitting at my computer, preparing the message for tomorrow's sermon – on using your gifts. An email from Ray came into my inbox while I was working. I took a break, browsed the blog, and found this video. Coincidence? I don't think so. We'll be watching this up on the big screen during the service tomorrow.

    • I know – this is an impactful video. It surely reframed the way I look at things. I'm glad you found the link useful – be blessed!

  • Todd

    Nick is coming to my church in CA a few weeks! We are so lucky …and I am inviting everyone I know to attend! He is a true inspiration!! Thank you for posting this video!