Integrate Paypal and 1ShoppingCart

bret.jpgThe company I use to do all my fulfillment is Speaker Fulfillment Services.

Bret Ridgway, the founder and CEO of Speaker Fulfillment Services, has a great article on his blog about integrating Paypal and 1ShoppingCart.

It’s a simplified set of step-by-step instructions.

If you’re interested in taking payments via Paypal, and you use 1ShoppingCart (or any of its many private label versions like Marketer’s Choice, Website Automator, and 1AutomationWiz), you will find this article very helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Integrate Paypal and 1ShoppingCart

  1. Great to see you “peeking in” here, Christina!

    For anyone who cares to know, Christina is my #1 resource and “Go-To Gal” when it comes to anything that relates to 1 Shopping Cart.

  2. I don’t us 1shoppingcart, But,I’m not real clear about what it means to enable Paypal and 1shoppingcart to work better together. What does that mean? Anyway, I passed the article link on to a friend that does use 1shoppingcart.