Jump-Starters For Writing Killer Copy

Do you find yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering how to get started writing your copy?

I've found that I get much better results if I use some “jump starters”–they keep me focused, and get me started on the right track with a copy project.

Here are 3 “tricks” I use–maybe they'll work for you, too:

  1. Write the benefit bullets. Don't worry about writing body copy just yet. Just start banging out all the benefits of owning the product. This will be more extensive list than the one in the order box (which is our next “jump-starter”).
  2. Write the order box copy. This is the part of the copy where you clearly spell out the price of your offer, and the bullet points of all the main benefits of owning the product. Select the MAIN benefits (the one with the most “persuasion power” for the order box.
  3. Write 10 possible headlines for your copy. Don't worry if they're not “good enough”. You can even use some of the bullets you've written as starting points. Use a headline “swipe file” to spark ideas. Just get 10 headlines written.

Once you've finished the 3 “jump-starters” above, you will have written quite a bit of copy. It will be focused on the benefits of owning the product. You'll be off to a good start on your copy project.

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  • Ray,

    These are some great simple steps I’ll keep in mind whenever I get “stuck” writing copy.


    Brian T. Edmondson

  • : ) I laugh because I can start off in the right direction, but end up in left field. I’ll be using this the next sales letter I write, thanks Ray!

  • 7 Easy Ways To Get Started Writing Your Copy

    The idea of picking something very short that you know you can do when you’re having trouble getting started with copy is very effective.

    I would add try writing…

    1. The opening line.

    2. A 1-2 sentence paragraph explaining why the person giving the information in this sales letter is uniquely qualified to give it.

    3. The P.S.

    4. The subhead

    5. Edit testimonials.

    6. Write 3 bullets for a bonus that comes with the product or service.

    7. Write a price comparison – this product or service compared to much more expensive solutions to the problem it solves.


    Having a template you use to write your copy from helps enormously to pick out small elements you can get started on.

    Also once you get writing it’s very easy to keep rolling.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  • Good stuff, Andrew – thanks for your insights!

  • Turn the TV OFF!

    If you need some background noise,
    turn the radio on low to some classical or ambiance music. If you turn on your favorite station your mind will be more likely to focus on the radio and not on the task at hand.