Know Your Lines: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#6)

Every day you and your employees come into contact with your customers.

For most companies this is a disaster.

Every contact with your prospects and customers is either an opportunity, or a problem. There is no in between.

Question: why do we leave these interactions to chance?

We all instinctively know there is usually a “best way” to answer the phone, greet a customer, run an interview, or deal with a customer service issue.

Yet we (and more frighteningly, our employees) do absolutely nothing to prepare for these interactions. What if you changed that?

Write a script for every interaction you can anticipate with your prospects and customers. This means you’ll have a script for:

  • Answering the phone
  • Greeting customers
  • Conducting a client needs analysis interview
  • Running a consultation
  • Giving a presentation
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • And every other interaction you can think of

Creating a script for each situation-and making sure your employees actually use the script-can make a world of difference for your company.

So get busy. Write your scripts. Know your lines.

And make sure your people know their lines too.

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