Laid Off? Start a Business!

Maybe getting “laid off” is not a tragedy. Maybe it’s a signal. A signal that now is finally the time to do something about that “great idea” you have. A signal to go ahead and do what you love and find out if the money really will follow. A signal to dare to attempt something great.

And yes, it’s possible that you’ll “try” and it might not work out.

But that’s already happened, if you’ve been laid off. The job didn’t work out.

So now, you have nothing to lose.

If what you need is permission: consider this your official permission to try something outrageously great.

To quote one of my radio mentors, voiceover legend Mark Driscoll: “Go light a signal fire. We’ll find you.”

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One thought on “Laid Off? Start a Business!

  1. This is so true Ray, Its so sad that most people's thinking is so caught up in the security of a job.. As a result they miss out on the possibilities. Thats what my wife and I are doing with our business. Because of our special needs daughter Mandy, I could not work a job if I had to. It was the ultimate motivation for us. Now we specialize in helping small businesses with their mar marketing,and its working.