Magic Power Gets Anyone To Do Anything

(NOTE: This is an update of a previous post… enhanced with video. Please be sure and let me know what you think of this “multi-media” approach, okay? It's quite a bit of work, and I'm happy to do it if you think it's worthwhile.)

As marketers and entrepreneurs, we have a simple job – to get other people to do what we want them to do.

I’ll leave the discussion about the ethical side of this for another time; let’s just assume that you and I will always work for the best interests of our customers and prospects, okay?

So. We want to get people to do what we want. It will help them. It will help us. But exactly how do we do it?

There is a tactic that gives almost magical powers of persuasion.

You can, quite simply, get practically anyone to do practically anything.

It’s so simple you’ll be tempted to shrug it off.


Take just a moment to think about the fact that you already know this works, because you already know people who have this power. Don’t you know at least one person who seems to be able to persuade people on just about any issue?

Don’t you know at least one person who can seemingly “sell ice to the Eskimos”?

So how is it that some people are able to do that – and more importantly, how can you do the same? Wouldn’t that make an enormous impact on your business?

Here is the big secret…

“Enter the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s mind.”

As far as I know, that idea originated with the late, great copywriter Robert Collier.

If you can “join up” with what your prospects are already feeling and thinking, get in synch with them, and get them to identify you as a “friendly” in a hostile world… they will listen to what you have to say.

Think of it this way: the easiest way to influence someone is with whatever is already influencing them.

It’s a simple principle, but not easy to do.

So how do you do it? Here are some tips that will help you harness this seemingly magic power:

  1. Listen. Pay attention to what people say. Hang out in online forums. Track trends on twitter. Collect the words, phrases and ideas your market uses. Speak back to them in their own words.
  2. Watch. Be conscious of what your store or website visitors actually do. What causes them to opt in? To opt out? To buy? To ask for a refund? Nothing teaches like behavior. People vote with their feet. Watch their feet.
  3. Think. How can you solve their problems? How can you solve them quickly… easily… and with simplicity? Be the “aspirin for their headache” – and abundance will be yours.

If you can do these things, your readers/visitors/ listeners will be nodding their heads, slapping the table top, and saying, “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel!”

And when that happens, Constant Reader, they will do anything you ask.

Because anything you ask will be in alignment with what they already desire.

That’s a deep well I just pushed you into. Follow it all the way down, and be rewarded with the cool fresh water of more sales, more often.

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at

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  • Sky

    Some great thoughts on a very important subject. The power to get anyone to do anything is extremely valuable. But with this power comes even greater responsibility to use it wisely.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say further on this subject.

    Best to ya…


  • I completely agree with you on the listen, watch, and think. When your desire is so great to achieve abundance, and huge success as an online Entrepreneur, you will start to do these very things to achieve your goals. I think the hardest and the toughest part of being a good Entrepreneur, is to stop what your doing, listen to consumers, and think of how you can help them solve a problem. You have to be that person and really be inside there head and have a genuine sincerity to help someone.

  • Hey Ray,

    What you pointed out in this post is definitely true. I used this tactic in one of my dating niche sites (which was later sold for good profits) where I pointed out the problems that my prospects are having.

    And guess what? I got tons of emails every single day telling me that “Hey, you understand my problems!”, “YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT!” and “I think you can help me!”.

    This is a very powerful tactic to sell stuff on the internet.

    Oh BTW, I prefer the video though. It's much more easier for me to absorb your content through video. 🙂

  • Hi Ray, I don't think video will be necessary unless you have something that needs visual effects. It don't think that this post needed that. However the idea of using audio is great. I actually just listened to this video while scrolling your page and after it was done I was ready to comment.

    So definitely keep using audio and if you want to use video for the sake of being able to upload it to multiple video sites that is fine by me. As long as the video has an audio part as well 🙂


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  • samcarpenter

    There's the challenge and the solution: To get out of one's own head and stop talking, and instead, get into someone else's head and just listen. So many people talking. So few listening.

    • Amen, Sam. The way to look at all these things is using your concept of “outside and slightly elevated” – that's where you begin to see the power of listening as being in YOUR best interest. As I'm sure you would agree, effective and persuasive communication is a SYSTEM – its parts and their functions are understandable and duplicatable.

      [Editor's Note – Sam Carpenter's blog,, is highly recommended.]