Michael Port’s “Think Big Manifesto”

You might want to get this book ($15) by Michael Port.

I don’t make a dime for recommending it to you.

I just think this is a book worth reading. Brief story:

I read this book as a favor to a friend (the author).

I did it to be courteous.

Frankly, I was going to speed-read the book just so I honestly could say that I had read it. I am a busy guy, and I had a lot of other books that were higher on my “need to read” list.

I rapidly skimmed the first 5 pages or so.

Then I stopped.

I went back and starting reading more slowly.

You see, I had that surprising experience that doesn’t happen to me very often… I had run across a book that delighted me by wildly exceeding my expectations.

I read a lot of “self-help” and “business philosophy” books (it’s part of what I do for a living, let’s leave it at that), and most of them are tripe.

This book is different. Very different.

While I was reading The Think Big Manifesto, I was, by turns, challenged, provoked, charmed and even once or twice annoyed. And I found myself thinking BIGGER about myself and what I bring to the world by the time I reached the last page.

And not one time did Michael use any of the normal “motivational speaker” tricks, nor did he trot out any over-used cliches like “your attitude determines your altitude”.

As I said, this book is different.

A fresh view on what it means to “think bigger” (and no, this is NOT a “get rick quick” book… FAR FROM IT.)

This is NOT one of those ephemeral “little books” that come and go like a fad; yes, you CAN read it in a couple of hours. But it will stick with you much longer. And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself reading it a second time, with a pen and notebook at your side.

In short, $15 well-spent.

Plus, Michael is giving away prizes when you buy the “Think Big Manifesto” book.

And even if you’re not buying the book, take careful note of HOW Michael is “thinking big” in his promotion of this book.

I predict he’s going to do extraordinarily well with this promotion.

You might learn a thing or two — I did.

Highest recommendation!

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2 thoughts on “Michael Port’s “Think Big Manifesto”

  1. I could actually use a self development book that was different from the norm. Couldn't help but smile when I read your “your attitude determines your altitude” comment. Who is that? A. Robbins?

    Will go pick up that book because of your recommendation and if I can just learn one single thing it'll be worth the $15.