More Money Method #3: Sell Once, Get Paid Many Times

If you’ve been around marketing for very long at all, you know the truism that the hardest sale to make is the first sale.

And the easiest money you’ll ever make is through selling more products (and more expensive products) to your existing customers.

So if the hard part is making the first sale, doesn’t it make more sense to focus on making those repeat sales? And doesn’t it seem like a stroke of genius to set things up so that that second sale (and all those that follow) are automatic?

That’s the thinking behind monthly subscription products.

You sell a product to your customer wants… And then do so automatically every month after that. No additional persuasion required.

If you are selling downloadable, digital information products, this becomes all the more simple: the transaction, delivery, and re-billing are all handled automatically. Hands-off, no additional work required.

Just like yesterday’s tip, it might be easy to dismiss this oneness “something you already knew”. But even if you already knew about the concept of recurring memberships, have you been reaping the benefits?

If not, may I suggest considering this as part of your arsenal? May I suggest that every sale you make from now on should, if possible, lead to automatic sales on the backend?

Not only will you be able to start each month at some number above zero, but presumably if your product is good you will start each month at a higher revenue number than the month before. Always a good trend in business.

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