More Money Method #6: Blog For Bucks

Can you simply sit down at the computer, write some words every day, and turn that into a six figure income online? Can you do it without turning those words into an information product, home-study course, or e-book?

You bet you can!

Namely, by blogging as a business model. There are dozens of different ways to make money from a popular blog… but they all start with you sitting down and writing something.

Your best bet is to start a blog that caters to a very specific niche; a group of people who are inordinately passionate about a specific topic. If it’s something that you yourself are passionate about, that’s probably best. Your own interests will help sustain you in the early days when you be putting in lots of effort for seemingly small rewards.

But don’t let those early days discourage you; if you’re blogging about something you care about, and it’s something that lots of other people care about as well, you can indeed make good money doing it. How? Here are just a few thoughts:

  1. You can make money by promoting and selling your own products to the people who read your blog. This is something that I myself do. It works.
  2. You can promote affiliate products to those who read your blog, and earn a commission.
  3. You can sell advertising space on your blog to businesses who want to reach the people who make up your audience.

Those are just three ideas that can help you monetize your blogging efforts. There are many more ways to make money with your blog, and there are lots of resources to help you get started (just use that reliable old research tool, Google, and you’ll see what I mean).

Well, what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

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2 thoughts on “More Money Method #6: Blog For Bucks

  1. One of the best pieces of advice I could give that goes along with this post, is “just start”.

    Like Ray says, pick something you are interested in, and just start writing. From there, you will gain experience, learn if this is something you like to do, and gain the experience needed to succeed.

    Just Start.