More Money Method #7: Add Value, Get Paid

This is one of my favorite “more money methods”, Because it starts with resources you already have on hand.

If you already sell information products-things like e-books, special reports, or other downloadable information, you got the hard part already done. You’ve created a product.

My suggestion is to add value to that product, and sell it for a much higher price than you’re currently getting. How do you do that? Simple…

Turn your digital products into physical products-and pocket a hefty profit!

For some reason, people may be willing to pay only $27 for your e-book… Or maybe you’re getting $37, or even $47… But take that same e-book, put it inside an attractive three ring binder, and add audio CDs of you reading the material out loud, and suddenly customers may be willing to pay $197… $297… Or even more.

Like most of my other “more money methods”, this is not something new. Motivational speakers and self-help gurus have known the secret for a long time. That’s why your favorite motivational speaker may charge $15 for his book at Barnes & Noble, while he charges $197 for the CD training set based on the book… And $5000 for the live seminar training that contains the same information!

So, time to start thinking about what products you have gathering “digital dust” on your hard drive. Could you dust them off, turn them into physical products, and charge more money for them? Chances are, the answer is yes.

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