No April Fool

I used to love April Fool’s Day.

Back when I was in the radio business, we cooked up a new “hoax” for each April Fool’s Day.

One year we announced that the US Government was immediately changing the color of all paper currency to blue, and that all citizens should take their green money to the bank to be exchanged.

Another year we hit the airwaves with the urgent warning not to use landline telephones all day long, because the phone company was “blowing out the lines” in order to clean them. Using the phone, we said, could result in “serious ear injuries”.

And then there was the year we warned of dangerously high levels of “bi-hydrous monoxide” in the air (I’ll leave you to puzzle it out).

One year we announced the time all morning long as being one hour later than it actually was. We had a few irate calls from people who were angry… because we made them early for work! Sometimes people are a puzzle.

But blogging is not radio.

So here’s my take on the “April Fools” game… I’m not playing.

No foolin’.

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