No Such Thing As Time Management

watch.jpgThe Story: Everyone seems obsessed with “time management”, but there is no such thing.

You can’t “manage” time.

The Point: To get past the feeling of overwhelm, you need to overcome procrastination and manage your activities.

Doing so will clear up “space” in your day to get things done.

The Resource: Sedona Method

5 Ways To Feel More In Control Of Your World:

1. Let go of needing to control everything, do everything, know everything.
2. Check email only twice daily.
3. Check voicemail (or return calls) only once daily.
4. Have a Sabbath (day off) each week.
5. Focus on the 20% of activities that yield 80% of your results.

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4 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Time Management

  1. Very good articles and comment, TIME management is a very common word or phrase use nowadays.
    We cannot manage time, Time is fixed, and everyone of us have the same. The only things or difference is how we manage our activities.

  2. I also hear the distict echo of David Allen and Tim Ferris. At least for me.

    This is really good Ray. You know, I’ve gotta say, I really like the brevity of your blog formula in concert with your podcast. This is great formula.

    I can testify that without taking a Sabbath Day off, I’d work myself into the ground. Yesterday was a nice family day. Really does let you decompress.

    Reminds me also of what I read in Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog. One of his most important principles is to ensure you take one entire day off. It really does rejuvinate the mind for the coming week.