Not Enough Time?

Have you ever thought there’s just not enough time to get the things done that you’d like to do?

Have you ever been frustrated and felt unproductive, overwhelmed by the tasks that lay before you?

Perhaps the problem is not that there isn’t enough time, but the challenge may be the fact that you’re focusing on things that are not part of God’s plan for your life. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate how you’re actually spending that precious commodity called time.

Let’s start with this… Psalm 90, verse 12 says, “Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

Making the most of your time — being productive, being efficient, making wise choices — is not merely a measure of how you can “get things done”. It’s also a measure of how good a steward you’re being of the most precious commodity God has given you.

When you start thinking of your “time management” skills in this light, doesn’t it make you feel differently about the whole subject? Feels a bit more important, right?

Even when you’re very productive, have you ever stopped to think about this question: What is it, exactly, that you’re producing?

Something to think about.

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One thought on “Not Enough Time?

  1. Ray,
    This blog post came across my desk SMACK in the middle of me being “quite productive” at something that is not CORE to my being and my purpose.

    And what’s funny is – seconds before I got the email notifying me of your post, I was at my desk thinking “Why am I spending so much time on this?”

    This post is now printed and hanging on my wall right next to my computer monitor. And it will be my driving question moving forward.