My “Now” Page

What's Going On With Ray These Days?

This is a new page on my site, inspired by Derek Sivers, who came up with the idea of a “Now Page”. Like most everything else I do, this is an experiment.

As of now, I live in Spokane, Washington, USA. I spend most of my time on the following:

  • Following Jesus, and exploring the mysteries of God's goodness and grace. Practicing His presence.
  • Overcoming Parkinson's disease. First, by dealing with the psycho-spiritual challenges of having a progressive, neurodegenerative disease. Second, by taking Requip, Sinemet, and a variety of supplements. It is my goal to completely recover from this disease and stop taking the medications altogether, live to be 120, and to die peacefully in my sleep.
  • Getting fit through High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and eating a ketogenic diet. Here's an article that seems to take a rational look at this diet (there's a lot of irrational material about this diet online. Let's be careful out there). I've lost 53 pounds to date (September 2016) and have another 50 to go (my ideal targets are 175 pounds, 12% body fat). Full disclosure: I adopted a “modified keto” approach for a while, which stopped the weight loss and the neurological symptom relief. I'm back on the wagon now. “Half-measures availed us nothing.”
  • Enjoying life with my family. Every day with them is a gift.
  • Pondering the question: what can I work on today that still be of benefit 500 years from now?
  • Negotiating a book deal with a major publisher (more on this soon, I hope).
  • Making my podcast, The Ray Edwards Show, each week.
  • Making training products, seminars, and workshops that help people grow their business.
  • Reading books.
  • Making photographs.

My priority is to simplify my life by eliminating distractions, clutter, possessions, and non-essentials.

If there is a big change in my life, I'll update this page.

Last update was September 21, 2016

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • robin

    Looks like you are very busy and always about our Father’s business. I am glad.

    • Thanks Robin – and thanks for being the first to comment on the “Now” Page.

  • Rick Marion

    The first “Now” page that I’ve seen! It’s pretty cool and I can see the appeal.

    Congrats on the diet and fitness changes!

    I love the format of your podcast (if you’re reading this and haven’t heard the podcast, I’d highly recommend it). Great job at making it original and like an actual “show.”

    I appreciate your biblical interpretations during the spiritual aspect of the show. At this point in my life, the simpler faith based messages are perfect for me in my journey.

    You inspire me and you provide a darn good example of the leadership qualities that I aspire to have.

    • Thanks Rick – I appreciate the kind words.

  • Ray, I don’t know whether to be envious, jealous, challenged or encouraged…so I’ll just be like ‘wow’! You’re doing great work!

    btw…10 of your lost pounds apparently have ended up here in Knoxville. Let me know if you want them back.

  • matt fogle

    i just happened upon you, i had actually saved a link “how to overcome depression” as i am prone to winter blues.i could not find episode 145 in audio form,but i was able to print it out. but WOW,brother your podcasts are so helpful ( only been subscribing for a couple weeks) downloaded a bunch of them,so i have listened to over. i have told several people about you,one being my 35 year old daughter rachel,who is being trained to be a health coach and really needs teaching like yours!!
    i was a little sad today when i heard you were just going to do one show now…you know you really have the gift of teaching and i will continue to listen …. your interviews with other motivation people have really blessed me, but most of all your witness about our Lord and savior Jesus!! thank you thank you for sharing your insight! i have owned and operated a small landscaping service for over 25 years and wish that someone like you was around back then! God bless you Ray!! matt fogle tree of life landscaping

  • Ray,

    It sounds as though you are a Jesus follower also! I hope you are. I so appreciated ” plumbing the mysteries of God’s goodness and grace, and practicing his presence.” I connected with you through John Nemo, and would love to have the opportunity to share with you. I am from Idaho, born in CDA, and raised in Harrison, was in business for nearly twenty-seven years in Lewiston, and now I am in Mesa, AZ after being transferred here in 2009.

    I pray God’s continued blessings on you, and thank you for sharing so much of your information with those who can’t afford to buy your program. I am going to use your information, and see what I come up with for my industry, as I am VP of Sales ~~Hospitality Division for American Payment Solutions. We have a lot of Jesus followers who work in our office, and it is a joy to be able to pray here. There is a lot of competition in this crooked industry, but APS has integrity, and I have been with the same CEO, who was my prior client, since 2004. I would never work for another merchant services provider unless he had his hand in the business.

    It is awesome to see that you are “not ashamed of the gospel of Christ”, and that you posted this for everyone to see.


    • I appreciate this message very much, Bev. Thank you!

  • H Ray
    I like the idea of a’now ‘page -its something I hadn’t thought of!
    Every blessing


  • Ray,
    Love your work. Happy to see you thriving as an outlier in this space.
    There’s a good bit of common ground between us. I’d love to get on your radar.

    Talk soon.

    • I have you on radar. Climb and maintain Flight Level 40.

  • Ray,

    This is sooo cool! I’ve never seen this!

    I just love this NOW page!

    I need to add something like this to my site right away!

    Ray, are you still doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and eating a ketogenic diet?
    Does this mean you’re off sugar?

    If so, would you like to be in my Sugar World Summit next spring?

    Are you still losing or have you hit your goal yet?

    Look forward to hearing back. (FYI, we met and I’m in a program of yours.)

    • Connie,

      Great to see you here. As noted above, I did “fall off the wagon”, but I’m clean now and not using anymore. 🙂

      I’m not sure about the summit, but it is interesting. Please reach out to my assistant with details (I believe you have her info).

  • Pastor George Musampula

    Iam Writing you from Zambia, Africa. I am glad about what God is doing and using you to write books that are helping the world.

  • Ray
    I’m just getting started looking at your site and reading your blogs. I haven’t had a chance to listen to your podcasts yet but I am looking forward to doing so. After reading several of your podcasts and then coming to this page the Lord put it on my heart to stop and write this to you now. Thank you for being the man of God you are and for spreading His wonderful message of HOPE! We need so many more men who aren’t afraid to step up to the plate and profess their faith in the one true God.

    I myself have been a believer since August 2004 and my life has never been the same. At 62 now the favorite part of my days are when I have someone to talk to about the Lord. The man who discipled me helped get me fired up to do the same so I look for every opportunity for a one-on-one men’s discipleship encounter.

    I’m at a point in time in my life where I’m having to make a change in my own life to make things physically easier and as such have been looking at internet marketing and podcasting as a possibility. I sincerely hope that your site and program can help me in that endeavor. My health is not going to permit me to stay in the homebuilding business much longer. I’ve already stayed too long.

    The main thing I wanted to say was thank you and God bless you. You and your family will be on our prayer list and I hope you will beat Parkinson’s with Gods help and be a testimony to many.

    BTW I’ve just started looking at the Ketogenic diet and the Primal Paleo to lose some weight and improve my deteriorating health. I’m 6’2″ and 336 lbs…


    • Thank you Kirk. There’s plenty of free stuff here on the site to help, and more to come. Stay tuned, and be blessed!

  • Justin

    Ray – I’ve been on a long journey. Maybe one day I’ll get to tell you in person :). I’ve tried my hand at many businesses, lost a lot, made massive mistakes. I’m just now understanding the power of copywriting and I’m invigorated at the prospects of success this time around. It’s clearly been a big hole for me. Moreover, I see it in everything now – even how my pastor names his Sermons, lol. I see it in all great messages.

    I’ve been reading like a mad man, books from Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Bly, etc… I just finished your book How to Write Copy That Sells.

    I recently discovered Mike Kim’s blog, and you know how it is, I could tell he was a believer in the first few minutes of his podcast. He talked about your program and then I came to your page and man was I refreshed!

    Thank you for NOT being bashful about your faith in Christ. I can’t wait to start your copywriting course.

  • I appreciate your caring concern John – I have amassed a great deal of research that strongly suggests the Ketogenic diet has neuroprotective benefits for Parkinson’s patients, and perhaps even neurogenerative benefits (perhaps reversing some of the damage caused by the disease).There is also a wealth of evidence demonstrating the cardiovascular benefits of the diet (when adhered to strictly). Since beginning this diet I have undergone extensive quarterly blood panels, and all my cardiovascular and inflammation marker numbers have improved, not delcined

  • Tony Wormer

    Ray, I’d like to recommend Dr. David Perlmutter, board certified neurologist’s book ” The Brain Maker”. Early on in his book he cites Hippocrates “All diseases start in the Gut” and “Food is medicine and medicine is food”. I think you might gain a new perspective on how to cultivate your microbiome. You will read in his book the direct correlation discovered by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, of high LPS (lipopolysaccharides)levels in the blood and patients with Parkinsons.
    All the very best,