Number One Way To Make More Sales?

What’s the number one way to make more sales?

For better than 80% of companies (or freelancers, or salespeople, etc.) the answers is simple.

So simple you’re embarrassed to admit it.

Here is the “secret” to getting more sales:


For another 10-15% “bump” in sales: when the prospect says “no”, ask them “why not?” Then answer their objection. And then ask for the sale again.

I know many will think this is oversimplified.

Before you make that assumption, honestly ask yourself if you ask for the sale as often as you should.

I rest my case.

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One thought on “Number One Way To Make More Sales?

  1. Great results happen when we make the “Ask.” It’s something I’ve learned to be true while serving at my church. People often don’t volunteer unless someone asks. I was able to gain a huge amount of volunteers by making a compelling ask.