Number One Way To Make More Sales?

What’s the number one way to make more sales?

For better than 80% of companies (or freelancers, or salespeople, etc.) the answers is simple.

So simple you’re embarrassed to admit it.

Here is the “secret” to getting more sales:


For another 10-15% “bump” in sales: when the prospect says “no”, ask them “why not?” Then answer their objection. And then ask for the sale again.

I know many will think this is oversimplified.

Before you make that assumption, honestly ask yourself if you ask for the sale as often as you should.

I rest my case.

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  • Great results happen when we make the “Ask.” It’s something I’ve learned to be true while serving at my church. People often don’t volunteer unless someone asks. I was able to gain a huge amount of volunteers by making a compelling ask.