Overcome Marketing Guru Confusion

The Question: I'm confused! Which marketing guru do I listen to?

The Answer: Pick the one teacher you “resonate” with — and pay attention to that one teacher.

How To Overcome Guru Confusion:

1. Pick the one teacher or program you're going to focus on.
2. Commit to going through that teacher's program until completion.
3. Finish that program before you start working on another program!

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  • Ray,

    This is extremely helpful advice. It all sounds so simple, but many of us fall prey to what Michel & Sylvie Fortin call “shiny new thing syndrome”.

    I sometimes wonder how much money has been spent on internet marketing education that is not completed, or worse, never started.


  • I confess, I have been affected with “Shiny new thing syndrome”…I am just glad to see there is help.

    Thanks Dan for the insight and reminder to stay focused.

    • Ray Edwards

      By “Dan” I assume you mean “Ray”.



  • This is probably the biggest problem I see people cope with when trying to make it online. Internet marketers are so good at there job, most people just “jump” from one thing to another. They never give one thing enough of a chance to see it work. Great advice.

    • Ray Edwards


      “They never give one thing enough of a chance to see it work.”



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  • The tips are really comprehensive, would like to continue my own internet marketing education