#193: 7 Shocking Productivity Hacks

Get Twice As Much Done In Half the Time

When it comes to productivity, there is no shortage of advice. The problem is it’s often the same advice, repackaged with a bright new wrapper. Nothing new inside.


And there’s no problem with that. Often, we need to hear the same advice presented differently, at different periods in our life, before it “clicks” and we finally “get” it. But sometimes, we need something truly different, something that rises above the normal, and begins to look more like a revolution than an evolution.

Today’s “7 Shocking Productivity Hacks” may not seem new at first, but the extremes to which I will advise you to take these measures is, at least, something outlandishly more radical than what most would recommend. When you listen to today’s show, you’ll discover:

  • How you can finally conquer your overflowing email inbox, once and for all, guaranteed. For free.
  • The devastatingly effective method that ensures you never receive another unwanted phone call.
  • A radical, but powerful method for getting rid of “dead weight” friends and acquaintances who are dragging you down… without making them feel judged, and without hurting their feelings.
  • The almost magical technique to prevent writer’s block, plus multiply your creativity, energy, and productivity by a factor of at least 7 … maybe 10.
  • How to eliminate – totally and permanently – the #1 way other people waste your time.
  • How to slash unwanted interruptions, meetings, and junk mail from your life, with one simple, bold “directive.”
  • The single sentence (that you will come up with) that will erase any excuse you have for wasting a single minute of your time on someone else’s priorties, for the rest of your life.
  • How God can set you free from self-destructive habits,
  • Plus, I’ll share a resource that helps you improve your marketing.
  • That’s all comin’ up on this week’s show!

The Power of Positive Peer Pressure

Find Friends Who Lift You Up and Don't Drag You Down

When I was still in my twenties, I went to Parris Island, South Carolina, to see my brother Mark graduate with his classmates (I am pretty sure they would all be horrified to know I just called them that) from Marine Corps boot camp.


I don’t pretend to know what going through boot camp was like for my brother Mark. He has told me some stories, but I have a feeling this is a secret society you can only fully understand if you have been there yourself.

What I do know is this: I saw the transformation boot camp wrought in Mark’s life, and in the lives of all the young men who were part of his graduating class…

7 Apps Every Writer Should Own

Like most writers I know, I have a fondness for paper and ink. Despite this, most of my work is done on a computer or tablet. Specifically on Apple products.


Every now and then, I share a list of my most-used apps for writers and writing. These always tend to be fairly popular posts. They get shared a lot.

This tells me if you want a hot market to sell apps to, writers would be a good place to start. That being said, I don’t have any stock in any of these companies, but here are the 7 apps I think every writer should own and use…