About Those Pesky “Gurus”

Things got all stirred up here in Ray-land this past week, what with my post about the “gurus”. In today's podcast I talk about what that was really all about…

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  • Great podcast! In the last 2 weeks since the “Guru” blog entry, I have been looking through the info products that I have bought, (there was only 3, I resist the urge to buy everything) and have actually read through the guides, and implemented some of what the products were supposed to do. But yes, one of them I NEVER EVEN OPENED! And that was 8 months ago!

    I think we all need to be smarter in what we buy, and definitely smarter about actually using the product as it was intended. Before clicking the Buy It Now button, ask yourself if you will actually have the time and motivation to use the product. If the answer is no, then don't buy!

    One of the products I bought about a year ago was all about making money in affiliate marketing. I opened it, read through it, watched some of the videos, and guess what? I actually made some money on Clickbank! So as you said Ray, there is nothing wrong with gurus selling us something new every day of the week, it is our fault for continually buying, AND NOT USING THE PRODUCT!

    • It means a lot to me that you read my article and then went and DID something that actually put money in your wallet. Keep up the good work – and thank you so much for sharing your victory.

  • Nat

    Hey Ray

    Have just stumbled across your blog recently and have to say I loved your post on the “guru's”. There are words that someone once said to me that always ring through my ears when i'm looking at buying a product and they are “it's suckers like you that make them rich”! Doesn't stop me from buying products but is sure as hell makes me really do my homework and not get caught up in the emotional “they are going to take my pain away” side of things when considering whether I want to REALLY buy or not!

    I know people who have done everyone one of MD's courses, and I mean every one, and have every book and are still no further ahead in their online business for it. Yet they are always going on about how they have all these things…. makes no sense to me to buy everything in sundry, never use it, be no further ahead but continue to spruke about owning all this stuff…. Its suckers like them that make the guru's rich!!

    Keep up the great work Ray!

    • Thanks – and what you said is key: it's usually because people “never use it” that these products don't work for them. Not because the information or system itself is bad.

  • Some of us who have spent years in international marketing in the “real world” have our biggest problem not just with the totally immoral marketing activities that we find on the Net.
    It isn't just that for the most part they are scams and so poorly executed that it really serves the suckers right, it is the complete lack of legality out there in the “Cyberbog” (as Kylneth named it years ago).

    It is: How do they get away with it?

    There are theoretical controls in place e.g. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.shtm for the USA
    and not a single hustler's website I know of could qualify.
    I've done business in the USSR as it died/was torn apart, and THOSE were “Wild West” days, but at least there was a convention to pretend things were legal.

    Doesn't anyone ever get mad and demand their money back? Or, better still call in the Feds?
    Doesn't anyone ever ask Clickbank about those spurious claims of millions made by 17 y.o. kids wearing Walmart T-shirts?

    I didn't listen to the “Pesky Gurus” recording it was not listenable on my system, but the title triggered off this comment!


    • Lynn



  • Steve

    Are you all for real? C'mon anyone in internet marketing knows this is happening every day! It's no surprise to be sure but the biggest complaint I get is how…
    Well, anyone know Russell Brunson, Mike Filsame, Joey Cartwright, etc…
    These guys all started TOGETHER and helped each other grow to what they are.
    Are all their products bad, No, are they all stellar products, some are, but what do they know that others don't???? They post to forums to find out what the public wants, create a product and then WHAM….
    Look folks, you have 2-choices, either sit and whine or get on the train! I hate to be so blunt but I've chosen to get on the train. I am aligning myself with people who like myself, are creating products the PUBLIC is asking for, setting everything up and the BAM…Launch & Live better!
    I respect the notion that we are all entitled to our “opinions” but we all know the saying that opinions are like A**holes, everyone has one”, most should learn keep theirs to themselves!
    I LOVE the fact that we continue to live in a Capitalistic society and until this changes, supply vs. demand folks.
    Love it or hate it, these my friends are the raw facts!
    Calgary Local Internet Marketing

    • Thanks for sharing Steve! “The raw facts” – sounds like a great blog title!

  • Soumitra

    Ray, Hello.

    I usually copy the audios to my MP# [sony walkman] & listen to them during my evening walk.

    How can I download your audios ?