Ray Edwards Small Business Marketing Podcast Episode 4 – BS Lies That Hold You Back

rei-sbmIt's another “On The Road” Edition of the show… recorded “live” in the Copywriting Motorhome somewhere in the hills of South Carolina.

Today we talk about the “BS Lies That Hold You Back”, “Loser's Limp”, and my favorite new internet gizmo.

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And once again, if you have feedback or suggestions I'd really like to hear from you.

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  • Lee Ann Price

    Hi Ray,

    Saw your tweet about this podcast, listened, got some feedback for you. First – I like the idea behind this episode and I'm “all in” and starting the no BS 10 day challenge today. Great idea to stop blame and take back control of my life. Because when I blame outside circumstances, I can't change those, but when I look at the “truth”, the fact that I have complete control over my choices and decisions – then I can start responding to outside circumstances instead of knee-jerk reacting.

    Now for the part of the show I don't agree with. You stated that you think we live in an imperfect world. I respectfully disagree with that statement. I believe that we live in a perfect world and it's our perception of it that is truth to us. What I believe is that if the world were imperfect, things in nature would happen randomly – and that never happens. Nature functions with exact precision, amazing awe-inspiring precision.

    And lastly, Ray, you sound a bit angry. Instead of being warm and supportive – your tone of voice almost seems critical and harsh – almost condescending at times. I welcome the message, but don't like being talked down to. And, that is the impression I get from the tone of your voice. I notice this because I've been told that I sometimes have that tone to my voice when my intention is to be well-meaning. So, my reticular activation system is tuned to notice when it happens.

    So, I will give you a high five for content (for the most part) and a 2 out of five for execution or delivery of that content.

    • Thanks for the feedback Lee Ann – much appreciated.

  • Enjoy hearing this message. It's a good reminder that there's more we can do to position ourselves closer to our dreams fulfillment.

  • I love it! I think that many of us have a “script” that we play, when things don't work out well for us, or when we refuse to try something new, for example. Yes, this is an imperfect world of “maya,” as hinduism and yoga teaches — at least, it is, as it manifests through our consciousness. But, hey! Change our scripts, and we change our world!

    I also like the “3 simple practices” that you suggest in your recent email message. Have you done a podcast on that topic? If not, I think you should! It would be much appreciated on my part, that's for sure.

    • Sounds like I need to do a “productivity podcast” – noted!

      Sent from my iPad

  • Dr. Andrew Colyer

    Hey, Ray:

    I thought I was doing a pretty good job making progress with my business,
    until I listened to this podcast.

    I realized that there is one leg of my business that I have only been “imagining” about – and I am taking action first thing in the morning (it's 9:30 pm right now).

    I'm so productive (at least that's what others tell me) that I didn't realized I was making excuses about time, with regards to that one leg I mentioned above.

    I'm starting the 10 days right now.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Andrew Colyer

    P.S. I highly recommend your “Web Copywriting Explained” course that you mentioned in this episode. We just used it to write the copy for a new business launch – and a new teleseminar series – and had a 27% opt-in rate!

  • Narek Gabrielian

    Right On, Ray! It's like listening to myself talk.

    Limitations are created in the mind.
    Listening to this podcast reminded me “The Strangest Secret”.

    • Earl probably had one of the greatest infuences on my life of anyone – thanks so much for the great compliment.