Ray Edwards Small Business Marketing Podcast Episode 3 – Product Launches and More

rei-sbmThis is the “On The Road” Edition of the show… recorded “live” in a coffee shop. Wow.

Hey it just goes to show you: imperfect action beats perfect contemplation, every time.

For those who are interested, here's the microphone I'm using – I wrongly said in the show it was a Logitech, but it's actually a Plantronics headset.

Resources Mentioned In The Show

And once again, if you have feedback or suggestions I'd really like to hear from you.

What would make the show something you would NOT miss? What would make it a MUST-LISTEN?

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  • Next time I would suggest making note where the content starts, I would have skipped the first 12 minutes. Pretty good info, I'd like to hear more about product launches from you rather than just looking at the PLF site though.

    • Thanks for the feedback Adam – duly noted!

  • Dude… when you guys get up to Toronto, definitely hit me up. Amy and I would love to treat you guys to our favorite Sushi restaurant 🙂

  • Catching up on your podcasts.. digging the authentic road movie spirit here 🙂 really like the new transparency.

    • Music to my ears – and thanks for listening!